"Chemical Reviews" article: Metal chemotherapy drugs boost the impact of immunotherapy in cancer


A review article by members of the inter-university cluster "Translational Cancer Therapy Research" discussing the efficacy of metallodrugs has been published in the leading chemistry journal "Chemical Reviews".

The authors of the paper – Bernhard Englinger, Christine Pirker, Petra Heffeter, Alessio Terenzi, Christian Kowol, Bernhard Keppler and Walter Berger – examined the published results relating to the interaction between the immune system and metal chemotherapy drugs, and could show that, rather than damaging the immune system through their cytotoxic effect, as has been generally assumed, metal-based anti tumor drugs can even boost the immune response against cancer. 

"Chemical Reviews" with an impact factor of 52,613 is the leading chemical research journal and fourth among scientific journals worldwide.