Publications 2022


  • Bioinorganic Chemistry

The Anticancer Ruthenium Compound BOLD-100 Targets Glycolysis and Generates a Metabolic Vulnerability towards Glucose Deprivation
Baier, D., Schönhacker-Alte, B., Rusz, M., Pirker, C., Mohr, T., Mendrina, T., Kirchhofer, D., Meier-Menches, S. M., Hohenwallner, K., Schaier, M., Rampler, E., Koellensperger, G., Heffeter, P., Keppler, B. & Berger, W.
Pharmaceutics (2022) 14, 2, 238

Thiosemicarbazone Derivatives Developed to Overcome COTI-2 Resistance
Posa, V., Stefanelli, A., Nunes, J. H. B., Hager, S., Mathuber, M., May, N., Berger, W., Keppler, B. K., Kowol, C. R., Enyedy, E. A. & Heffeter, P.
Cancers (2022) 14, 18, 4455

Copper-Catalyzed Glutathione Oxidation is Accelerated by the Anticancer Thiosemicarbazone Dp44mT and Further Boosted at Lower pH
Falcone, E., Ritacca, A. G., Hager, S., Schueffl, H., Vileno, B., El Khoury, Y., Hellwig, P., Kowol, C. R., Heffeter, P., Sicilia, E. & Faller, P.
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2022) 144, 32, 14758-14768

Novel oxaliplatin(IV) complexes conjugated with ligands bearing pendant 1,2-dithiolane/1,2-diselenolane/cyclopentyl motifs
Liu, X., Wenisch, D., Barth, M-C., Cseh, K., Kowol, C. R., Jakupec, M. A., Gibson, D., Keppler, B. K. & Weigand, W.
Dalton Transactions (2022) 51, 44, 16824-16835

Oxoplatin-Based Pt(IV) Lipoate Complexes and Their Biological Activity
Liu, X., Barth, M-C., Cseh, K., Kowol, C. R., Jakupec, M. A., Keppler, B. K., Gibson, D. & Weigand, W.
Chemistry & Biodiversity (2022) 19, 10, e202200695

Different Modes of Acid-Promoted Cyclooligomerization of 4-(4-Thiosemicarbazido)butan-2-one Hydrazone: 14-Membered versus 28-Membered Polyazamacrocycle Formation
Fesenko, A. A., Grigoriev, M. S., Arion, V. B. & Shutalev, A. D.
Journal of Organic Chemistry (2022) 87, 23, 15722-15731

Effects of subacute cadmium exposure and subsequent deferiprone treatment on cadmium accumulation and on the homeostasis of essential elements in the mouse brain
Petrova, E., Pashkunova-Martic, I., Schaier, M., Gluhcheva, Y., Pavlova, E., Helbich, T. H., Keppler, B. & Ivanova, J.
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology (2022) 74, 127062

Enriching Chemical Space of Bioactive Scaffolds by New Ring Systems: Benzazocines and Their Metal Complexes as Potential Anticancer Drugs
Kuznetcova, I., Ostojic, M., Gligorijevic, N., Arandelovic, S. & Arion, V. B.
Inorganic Chemistry (2022) 61, 50, 20445-20460

Hyper crosslinked polymer supported NHC stabilized gold nanoparticles with excellent catalytic performance in flow processes
Eisen, C., Ge, L., Santini, E., Chin, J. M., Woodward, R. T. & Reithofer, M. R.
Nanoscale Advances (2022) 5, 4, 1095-1101

Sequence-complementarity dependent co-assembly of phosphodiester-linked aromatic donor-acceptor trimers
Appukutti, N., de Vries, A. H., Gudeangadi, P. G., Claringbold, B. R., Garrett, M. D., Reithofer, M. R. & Serpell, C. J.
Chemical Communications (2022) 58, 87, 12200-12203

Arene Variation of Highly Cytotoxic Tridentate Naphthoquinone-Based Ruthenium(II) Complexes and In-Depth In Vitro Studies
Cseh, K., Geisler, H., Stanojkovska, K., Westermayr, J., Brunmayr, P., Wenisch, D., Gajic, N., Hejl, M., Schaier, M., Koellensperger, G., Jakupec, M. A. A., Marquetand, P. & Kandioller, W.
Pharmaceutics (2022) 14, 11, 2466

Novel Salinomycin-Based Paramagnetic Complexes-First Evaluation of Their Potential Theranostic Properties
Pashkunova-Martic, I., Kukeva, R., Stoyanova, R., Pantcheva, I., Dorkov, P., Friske, J., Hejl, M., Jakupec, M., Hohagen, M., Legin, A., Lubitz, W., Keppler, B. K., Helbich, T. H. & Ivanova, J.
Pharmaceutics (2022) 14, 11, 2319

Trabectedin Is Active against Two Novel, Patient-Derived Solitary Fibrous Pleural Tumor Cell Lines and Synergizes with Ponatinib
Ghanim, B., Baier, D., Pirker, C., Muellauer, L., Sinn, K., Lang, G., Hoetzenecker, K. & Berger, W.
Cancers (2022) 14, 22, 5602

An Anticancer Rhenium Tricarbonyl Targets Fe-S Cluster Biogenesis in Ovarian Cancer Cells
Neuditschko, B., King, A. P., Huang, Z., Janker, L., Bileck, A., Borutzki, Y., Marker, S. C., Gerner, C., Wilson, J. J. & Meier-Menches, S. M.
Angewandte Chemie (International Edition) (2022) 61, 43, e202209136

Quantification in bioimaging by LA-ICPMS - Evaluation of isotope dilution and standard addition enabled by micro-droplets
Schweikert, A., Theiner, S., Sala, M., Vician, P., Berger, W., Keppler, B. K. & Koellensperger, G.
Analytica Chimica Acta (2022) 1223, 340200

The coordination modes of (thio)semicarbazone copper(II) complexes strongly modulate the solution chemical properties and mechanism of anticancer activity
Pósa, V., Hajdu, B., Tóth, G., Dömötor, O., Kowol, C. R., Keppler, B. K., Spengler, G., Gyurcsik, B. & Enyedy, E. A.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2022) 231, 111786

Metal-mediated C-C bond formation in a platinum(II)-coordinated dipyridylmethane ligand: an unusual example of "ipso-coupling" with solvent involvement
Sommerfeld, N. S., Guelzow, J., Kohl, J. & Grohmann, A.
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung (2022), 77(6)b, 419–423

Comparative Effects of Deferiprone and Salinomycin on Lead-Induced Disturbance in the Homeostasis of Intrarenal Essential Elements in Mice
Gluhcheva, Y., Pashkunova-Martic, I., Schaier, M., Vladov, I., Stoykova, S., Petrova, E., Pavlova, E., Dorkov, P., Helbich, T. H., Keppler, B. & Ivanova, J.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2022) 23, 8, 4368

A platinum(IV) prodrug strategy to overcome glutathione-based oxaliplatin resistance
Fronik, P., Gutmann, M., Vician, P., Stojanovic, M., Kastner, A., Heffeter, P., Pirker, C., Keppler, B. K., Berger, W. & Kowol, C. R.
Communications Chemistry (2022) 5, 1, 46

Solution speciation and human serum protein binding of indium(III) complexes of 8-hydroxyquinoline, deferiprone and maltol
Domotor, O., Keppler, B. K. & Enyedy, E. A.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (2022) 27, 3, 315-328

Versatile analytical methodology for evaluation of drug-like properties of potentially multi-targeting anticancer metallodrugs
Foteeva, L. S., Nosova, Y. N., Nazarov, A. A., Keppler, B. K. & Timerbaev, A. R.
Analytical Sciences (2022) 38, 3, 627-632

Systematic Study on the Cytotoxic Potency of Commonly Used Dimeric Metal Precursors in Human Cancer Cell Lines
Geisler, H., Harringer, S., Wenisch, D., Urban, R., Jakupec, M. A., Kandioller, W. & Keppler, B. K.
ChemistryOpen (2022), e202200019

A Proteomic Platform Enables to Test for AML Normalization In Vitro
Meier-Menches, S. M., Neuditschko, B., Janker, L., Gerner, M. C., Schmetterer, K. G., Reichle, A. & Gerner, C.
Frontiers in Chemistry (2022) 10, 826346

Human intestinal bitter taste receptors regulate innate immune responses and metabolic regulators in obesity
Liszt, K., Wang, Q., Farhadipour, M., Segers, A., Thijs, T., Nys, L., Deleus, E., van der Schueren, B., Gerner, C., Neuditschko, B., Ceulemans, L. J., Lannoo, M., Tack, J. & Depoortere, I.
Journal of Clinical Investigation (2002) 132, 3, 144828

Elemental analysis: an important purity control but prone to manipulations
Kandioller, W., Theiner, J., Keppler, B. K. & Kowol, C. R.
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers (2022), 9, 412-416

Metal-Organic Cubane Cage with Trimethylplatinum(IV) Vertices
Hendi, Z., Jamali, S., Mahmoudi, S., Samouei, H., Nayeri, S., Chabok, S. M. J. & Jamshidi, Z.
Inorganic Chemistry (2022) 61, 1, 15-19

Metal-Organic Framework superstructures with long-ranged orientational order via E-field assisted liquid crystal assembly
Allahyarli, K., Reithofer, M., Cheng, F., Young, A. J., Kiss, E., Tan, T. T. Y., Prado-Roller, A. & Chin, J. M.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2022) 610, 1027-1034

Solution Equilibrium Studies on Salicylidene Aminoguanidine Schiff Base Metal Complexes: Impact of the Hybridization with L-Proline on Stability, Redox Activity and Cytotoxicity
Domotor, O., May, N. V., Gal, G. T., Spengler, G., Dobrova, A., Arion, V. B. & Enyedy, E. A.
Molecules (2022) 27, 7, 2044

Diastereomeric dinickel(II) complexes with non-innocent bis(octaazamacrocyclic) ligands: isomerization, spectroelectrochemistry, DFT calculations and use in catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane
Dobrov, A., Darvasiova, D., Zalibera, M., Bucinsky, L., Jelemenska, I., Rapta, P., Shova, S., Dumitrescu, D. G., Andrade, M. A., Martins, L. M. D. R. S., Pombeiro, A. J. L. & Arion, V. B.
Dalton Transactions (2022) 51, 13, 5151-5167

Ruthenium-nitrosyl complexes as NO-releasing molecules, potential anticancer drugs, and photoswitches based on linkage isomerism
Stepanenko, I., Zalibera, M., Schaniel, D., Telser, J. & Arion, V. B.
Dalton Transactions (2022) 51, 14, 5367-5393

Highly Antiproliferative Latonduine and Indolo[2,3-c]quinoline Derivatives: Complex Formation with Copper(II) Markedly Changes the Kinase Inhibitory Profile
Wittmann, C., Bacher, F., Enyedy, E. A., Domotor, O., Spengler, G., Madejski, C., Reynisson, J. & Arion, V. B.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2022) 65, 3, 2238-2261

Ready access to 7,8-dihydroindolo[2,3-d][1]benzazepine-6(5H)-one scaffold and analogues via early-stage Fischer ring-closure reaction
Kuznetcova, I., Bacher, F., Vegh, D., Chuang, H-Y. & Arion, V. B.
Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry (2022) 18, 143-151

Inhibition of Microtubule Dynamics in Cancer Cells by Indole- Modified Latonduine Derivatives and Their Metal Complexes
Wittmann, C., Sivchenko, A. S., Bacher, F., Tong, K. K. H., Guru, N., Wilson, T., Gonzales, J., Rauch, H., Kossatz, S., Reiner, T., Babak, M. & Arion, V. B.
Inorganic Chemistry (2022) 61, 3, 1456–1470

The Ruthenium Nitrosyl Moiety in Clusters: Trinuclear Linear mu-Hydroxido Magnesium(II)-Diruthenium(II), mu(3)-Oxido Trinuclear Diiron(III)-Ruthenium(II), and Tetranuclear mu(4)-Oxido Trigallium(III)-Ruthenium(II) Complexes
Stepanenko, I., Mizetskyi, P., Orlowska, E., Bucinsky, L., Zalibera, M., Venosova, B., Clemancey, M., Blondin, G., Rapta, P., Novitchi, G., Schrader, W., Schaniel, D., Chen, Y-S., Lutz, M., Kozisek, J., Telser, J. & Arion, V. B.
Inorganic Chemistry (2022) 61, 2, 950–967

Elucidation of structure-activity relationships in indolobenzazepine-derived ligands and their copper(II) complexes: the role of key structural components and insight into the mechanism of action
Kuznetcova, I., Bacher, F., Samah Mutasim Alfadul, S. M., Tham, M. J. R., Ang, W. H., Babak, M. V., Rapta, P., Arion, V. B.
Inorg. Chem. (2022), 61, 10167–10181

The Release of a Highly Cytotoxic Paullone Bearing a TEMPO Free Radical from the HSA HydrogelVesković, A., Nakarada, Đ., Vasiljević, O., Dobrov, A., Spengler, G., Enyedy, É. A., Arion, V. B., Popović-Bijelić, A.
Pharmaceutics (2022), 14, 1174

Synthesis and crystal structure of trans-di­aqua(1,4,8,11-tetra­aza­undeca­ne)copper(II) isophthalate monohydrate
Tsymbal, L., Arion, V. B. & Lampeka, Y. D.
Acta Crystallographica. Section E (2022) 78, 8, 851-854

Current Developments of N-Heterocyclic Carbene Au(I)/Au(III) Complexes toward Cancer Treatment
Tialiou, A., Chin, J. M., Keppler, B. K. & Reithofer, M. R.
Biomedicines (2022) 10, 6, 1417

Reactivity of Diamines in Acyclic Diamino Carbene Gold Complexes
Rubio, G. M. D. M., Tan, T. T. Y., Prado-Roller, A., Chin, J. M. & Reithofer, M. R.
Inorganic Chemistry (2022) 61, 19, 7448-7458

  • Bioinorganic Radiochemistry

Sympathetic nerve innervation and metabolism in ischemic myocardium in response to remote ischemic perconditioning
Kiss, A., Wu, P., Schlederer, M., Pilz, P. M., Szabo, P. L., Li, J., Weber, L., Vraka, C., Pichler, V., Mitterhauser, M., Zhang, X., Zins, K., Abraham, D., Li, S., Podesser, B. K., Hacker, M. & Li, X.
Basic research in cardiology (2022) 117, 1, 42

First-in-Humans Brain PET Imaging of the GluN2B-Containing N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor with (R)-C-11-Me-NB1
Rischka, L., Vraka, C., Pichler, V., Rasul, S., Nics, L., Gryglewski, G., Handschuh, P., Murgas, M., Godbersen, G. M., Silberbauer, L. R., Unterholzner, J., Wotawa, C., Haider, A., Ahmed, H., Schibli, R., Mindt, T., Mitterhauser, M., Wadsak, W., Hahn, A., Lanzenberger, R., Hacker, M. & Ametamey, S. M.
Journal of Nuclear Medicine (2022) 63, 6, 936-941

Autoradiography on deparaffinized tissue sections – A feasibility study with 68Ga-labeled PET-tracers
Klebermass, E. M., Dengler, A., Weissenböck, V., Ricken, G., Wadsak, W., Viernstein, H., Hacker, M., Mitterhauser, M. & Philippe, C.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes (2022) 189, 110425

CAM-Xenograft Model Provides Preclinical Evidence for the Applicability of [68Ga]Ga-Pentixafor in CRC Imaging
Bencurova, K., Friske, J., Anderla, M., Mayrhofer, M., Wanek, T., Nics, L., Egger, G., Helbich, T. H., Hacker, M., Haug, A., Mitterhauser, M. & Balber, T.
Cancers (2022) 14, 22, 5549

Unexpected transformation of n.c.a. [111In]InCl3 in stock solutions into an unreactive [111In]In-species
Giammei, C., Jouini, N., Brandt, M. R., Frey, S., Mindt, T. L. & Cardinale, J.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes (2022)180, 110037

Evaluation of a Radiolabeled Macrocyclic Peptide as Potential PET Imaging Probe for PD-L1
Jouini, N., Cardinale, J. & Mindt, T. L.
ChemMedChem (2022) 17, 12, 202200091

Experimental Nuclear Medicine Meets Tumor Biology
Balber, T., Tran, L., Bencurova, K., Raitanen, J., Egger, G. & Mitterhauser, M.
Pharmaceuticals (2022) 15, 2, 227

Simultaneous radiomethylation of [11C]harmine and [11C]DASB and kinetic modeling approach for serotonergic brain imaging in the same individual
Vraka, C., Murgaš, M., Rischka, L., Geist, B. K., Lanzenberger, R., Gryglewski, G., Zenz, T., Wadsak, W., Mitterhauser, M., Hacker, M., Philippe, C. & Pichler, V.
Scientific Reports (2022) 12, 1, 3283

Retrospective determination of U and Pu isotopes and atom ratios in lung samples from Vienna, Austria
Wallner, G., Zima, P., Moser, M., Uguz, H., Bartmann, M. G., Steier, P. & Hain, K.
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (2022) 251-252, 7,106965

Retrospective determination of fallout radionuclides and 236U/238U, 233U/236U and 240Pu/239Pu atom ratios on air filters from Vienna and Salzburg, Austria
Wallner, G., Uguz, H., Kern, M., Jirsa, F. & Hain, K.
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (2022) 255, 107030

Task-positive networks differentially shape glucose metabolism of the posteromedial default mode network as revealed by [18F]FDG-PET/MR imaging
Godbersen, G., Klug, S., Wadsak, W., Pichler, V., Raitanen, J., Rieckmann, A., Stiernman, L., Cocchi, L., Breakspear, M., Hacker, M., Lanzenberger, R. & Hahn, A.
Neuroscience Applied. 1, Suppl.2 (2022) 100684

  • Environmental Chemistry

Neglected symbionts and other metazoan invertebrates associated with molluscs from Africa's largest lake: Diversity, biotic interactions and bioindication
Outa, J. O., Hörweg, C., Avenant-Oldewage, A. & Jirsa, F.
Freshwater Biology (2022) 67, 12, 2089-2099

Toxic Elements in Sediment and Water of the Crocodile River (West) System, South Africa, Following Acid Mine Drainage
Windisch, J., Gradwohl, A., Gilbert, B. M., Dos Santos, Q. M., Wallner, G., Avenant-Oldewage, A. & Jirsa, F.
Applied Sciences (2022), 12, 20, 10531

Unexpected pathways of mercury in an alkaline, biologically productive, saline lake:A mesocosm approach
Windisch, J., Plessl, C., Christian, C., Zechmeister, T. & Jirsa, F.
Journal of Hazardous Materials (2022) 427, 128163

17α-Ethinylestradiol (EE2): concentrations in the environment and methods for wastewater treatment - an update
Klaic, M. & Jirsa, F.
RSC Adv.(2022) 12, 12794-12805

The Arsenic-Antimony-Creek at Sauerbrunn/Burgenland/Austria: A Toxic Habitat for Amphibians
Adlassnig, W., Schmidt, B., Jirsa, F., Gradwohl, A., Ivesic, C. & Koller-Peroutka, M.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (2022) 19, 10, 6010

The role of coupled DNRA-Anammox during nitrate removal in a highly saline lake
Valiente, N., Jirsa, F., Hein, T., Wanek, W., Prommer, J., Bonin, P. & Gomez-Alday, J. J.
Science of the Total Environment (2022), 806, 150726

Saline lakes as barriers against pollution: a multidisciplinary overview
Valiente, N., Jirsa, F. & Jose Gomez-Alday, J.
Limnetica (2022) 41, 2, 281-303

Heavy Metals in Sediments and Greater Flamingo Tissues from a Protected Saline Wetland in Central Spain
Valiente, N., Pangerl, A., Jose Gomez-Alday, J. & Jirsa, F.
Applied sciences (2022) 12, 12, 5769

Combining iron affinity-based fractionation with non-targeted LC-ESI-TOFMS for the study of iron-binding molecules in dissolved organic matter
Rathgeb, A., Causon, T., Krachler, R. & Hann, S.
Metallomics (2022) 14, 10, 079

  • Nucleic Acid Chemistry

An 8-bit monochrome palette of fluorescent nucleic acid sequences for DNA-based painting
Kekic, T. & Lietard, J.
Nanoscale (2022) 14, 47, 17528-17533

Sequence-dependence of Cy3 and Cy5 dyes in 3' terminally-labeled single-stranded DNA
Kekic, T. & Lietard, J.
Scientific Reports (2022) 12, 1, 14803

Simple synthesis of massively parallel RNA microarrays via enzymatic conversion from DNA microarrays
Schaudy, E., Hölz, K., Lietard, J. & Somoza, M. M.
Nature Communications (2022) 13, 1, 3772

Sequence-dependent quenching of fluorescein fluorescence on single-stranded and double-stranded DNA
Lietard, J., Ameur, D. & Somoza, M. M.
RSC Adv.(2022) 12, 9, 5629-5637

Long-Term Consumption of a Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink in Combination with a Western-Type Diet Is Associated with Morphological and Molecular Changes of Taste Markers Independent of Body Weight Development in Mice
Lieder, B., Conka, J., Mistlberger-Reiner, A., Zabel, V., Ameur, D., Somoza, M. M., Sebekova, K., Celec, P. & Somoza, V.
Nutrients (2022) 14, 3, 594

Defining the Sphagnum Core Microbiome across the North American Continent Reveals a Central Role for Diazotrophic Methanotrophs in the Nitrogen and Carbon Cycles of Boreal Peatland Ecosystems
Kolton, M., Weston, D. J., Mayali, X., Weber, P. K., McFarlane, K. J., Pett-Ridge, J., Somoza, M. M., Lietard, J., Glass, J. B., Lilleskov, E. A., Shaw, A. J., Tringe, S., Hanson, P. J. & Kostka, J. E.
mBio (2022) 13, 1, e03714-21

  • X-Ray Structure Analysis Centre

Crystal structure of natural product argyrin-D determined by 3D electron diffraction
Gorelik, T. E., Tehrani, K. H. M. E., Gruene, T., Monecke, T., Niessing, D., Kaiser, U. & Mueller, R.
CrystEngComm (2022) 24, 33, 5885-5889

CELLOPT: improved unit-cell parameters for electron diffraction data of small-molecule crystals
Gruene, T., Clabbers, M. T. B., Luebben, J., Chin, J. M., Reithofer, M. R., Stowasser, F. & Alker, A. M.
Journal of Applied Crystallography (2022) 55, 647-655

Room temperature synthesis of a luminescent crystalline Cu-BTC coordination polymer and metal-organic framework
Siddiqui, S. A., Prado-Roller, A. & Shiozawa, H.
Materials advances (2022) 3, 224 - 231

Maleimide-styrene-butadiene terpolymers: acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene inspired photopolymers for additive manufacturing
Steindl, J., Ehrmann, K., Gorsche, C., Huang, C-C., Koch, T., Steinbauer, P., Rohatschek, A., Andriotis, O. G., Thurner, P. J., Prado-Roller, A., Stampfl, J. & Liska, R.
Polymer international (2022) 71, 7, 856-866

Electron Diffraction Enables the Mapping of Coke in ZSM-5 Micropores Formed during Methanol-to-Hydrocarbons Conversion
Wennmacher, J. T. C., Mahmoudi, S., Rzepka, P., Lee, S. S., Gruene, T., Paunovic, V. & van Bokhoven, J. A.
Angewandte Chemie (International Edition) (2022) e202205413

Novel Selective and Low-Toxic Inhibitor of LmCPB2.8ΔCTE (CPB) One Important Cysteine Protease for Leishmania Virulence
Moreira, V. P., da Silva Mela, M. F., Anjos, L. R. D., Saraiva, L. F., Arenas Velásquez, A. M., Kalaba, P., Fabisiková, A., Clementino, L. D. C., Aufy, M., Studenik, C., Gajic, N., Prado-Roller, A., Magalhães, A., Zehl, M., Figueiredo, I. D., Baviera, A. M., Cilli, E. M., Graminha, M. A. S., Lubec, G. & Gonzalez, E. R. P.
Biomolecules (2022) 12, 12, 1903