Publications 2015


Rhodium(I) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Bioorganometallics as in Vitro Antiproliferative Agents with Distinct Effects on Cellular Signaling
Oehninger, L., Spreckelmeyer, S., Holenya, P., Meier, S. M., Can, S., Alborzinia, H., Schur, J., Keppler, B. K., Woefl, S. & Ott, I.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2015) 58, 24, 9591-9600

Intermolecular Reactions of a Foiled Carbene with Carbonyl Compounds: The Effects of Trishomocyclopropyl Stabilization
Apeland, I. M., Rosenberg, M. G., Arion, V. B., Kählig, H. & Brinker, U. H.
The Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015) 80, 23, 11877-11887

The Synthesis and Characterization of Aromatic Hybrid Anderson-Evans POMs and their Serum Albumin Interactions: The Shift from Polar to Hydrophobic Interactions
Al-Sayed, E., Blazevic, A., Roller, A. & Rompel, A.
Chemistry: A European Journal (2015) 21, 49, 17800-17807

Tetracarboxylatoplatinum(IV) complexes featuring monodentate leaving groups - A rational approach toward exploiting the platinum(IV) prodrug strategy
Hoefer, D., Varbanov, H. P., Legin, A., Jakupec, M. A., Roller, A., Galanski, M. & Keppler, B. K.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2015) 153, 259-271

Visible-Light, Metal-Free -Amino C(sp(3))-H Activation through 1,5-Hydrogen Migration: A Concise Method for the Preparation of Bis(indolyl)alkanes
Shaaban, S., Roller, A. & Maulide, N.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015) 35, 7643-7647

The rearrangement of tosylated flavones to 1 '-(alkylamino)aurones with primary amines
Kandioller, W., Kubanik, M., Bytzek, A. K., Jakupec, M. A., Roller, A., Keppler, B. K. & Hartinger, C. G.
Tetrahedron (2015) 71, 47, 8953-8959

A Robust, Eco-Friendly Access to Secondary Thioamides through the Addition of Organolithium Reagents to Isothiocyanates in Cyclopentyl Methyl Ether (CPME)
Pace, V., Castoldi, L., Monticelli, S., Safranek, S., Roller, A., Langer, T. & Holzer, W.
Chemistry: A European Journal (2015) 21, 52, 18966-18970

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of new Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes with Schiff bases derived from trimethylsilyl-propyl-p-aminobenzoate
Zaltariov, M-F., Cazacu, M., Avadanei, M., Shova, S., Balan, M., Vornicu, N., Vlad, A., Dobrov, A. & Varganici, C-D.
Polyhedron (2015) 100, 121-131

Comparative solution equilibrium studies on pentamethylcyclopentadienyl rhodium complexes of 2,2 '-bipyridine and ethylenediamine and their interaction with human serum albumin
Enyedy, E. A., Meszaros, J. P., Doemoetoer, O., Hackl, C. M., Roller, A., Keppler, B. K. & Kandioller, W.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2015) 152, 93-103

Vanadium(IV/V) complexes of Triapine and related thiosemicarbazones: Synthesis, solution equilibrium and bioactivity
Kowol, C. R., Nagy, N. V., Jakusch, T., Roller, A., Heffeter, P., Keppler, B. K. & Enyedy, E. A.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2015) 152, 62-73

Proteomic and Metabolomic Analyses Reveal Contrasting Anti-Inflammatory Effects of an Extract of Mucor Racemosus Secondary Metabolites Compared to Dexamethasone
Meier, S. M., Muqaku, B., Ullmann, R., Bileck, A., Kreutz, D., Mader, J. C., Knasmueller, S. & Gerner, C.
PLoS ONE (2015) 10, 10, 0140367

Using the nuclear activation AMS method for determining chlorine in solids at ppb-levels and below
Winkler, S. R., Eigl, R., Forstner, O., Martschini, M., Steier, P., Sterba, J. H. & Golser, R.
Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research. Section B. Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (2015) 361, 649-653

Effect of Copper on Fatty Acid Profiles in Non- and Semifermented Teas Analyzed by LC-MS-Based Nontargeted Screening
Pignitter, M., Stolze, K., Jirsa, F., Gille, L., Goodman, B. A. & Somoza, V.
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2015) 63, 38, 8519-8526

Heteropentanuclear Oxalato-Bridged nd-4f (n=4, 5) Metal Complexes with NO Ligand: Synthesis, Crystal Structures, Aqueous Stability and Antiproliferative Activity
Kuhn, P-S., Cremer, L., Gavriluta, A., Jovanovic, K. K., Filipovic, L., Hummer, A. A., Büchel, G., Dojcinovic, B. P., Meier, S. M., Rompel, A., Radulovic, S., Tommasino, J. B., Luneau, D. & Arion, V. B.
Chemistry: A European Journal (2015) 21, 39, 13703-13713

Trace Elements in Water, Sediments and the Elongate Tigerfish Hydrocynus forskahlii (Cuvier 1819) from Lake Turkana, Kenya Including a Comprehensive Health Risk Analysis
Otachi, E. O., Plessl, C., Koerner, W., Avenant-Oldewage, A. & Jirsa, F.
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology (2015) 95, 3, 286-291

Magnetic circular polarization of luminescence in bismuth-doped silica glass
Laguta, O., El Hamzaoui, H., Bouazaoui, M., Arion, V. B. & Razdobreev, I.
(2015) 2, 8, 663-666

River-derived humic substances as iron chelators in seawater
Krachler, R., Krachler, R. F., Wallner, G., Hann, S., Laux, M., Recalde, M. F. C., Jirsa, F., Neubauer, E., von der Kammer, F., Hofmann, T. & Keppler, B. K.
Marine Chemistry (2015) 174, 85-93

Spin contamination analogy, Kramers pairs symmetry and spin density representations at the 2-component unrestricted Hartree-Fock level of theory
Bucinsky, L., Malcek, M., Biskupic, S., Jayatilaka, D., Büchel, G. & Arion, V. B.
Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (2015) 1065, 27-41

Three-dimensional and co-culture models for preclinical evaluation of metal-based anticancer drugs
Schreiber-Brynzak, E., Klapproth, E., Unger, C., Lichtscheidl-Schultz, I., Goeschl, S., Schweighofer, S., Trondl, R., Dolznig, H., Jakupec, M. A. & Keppler, B. K.
Investigational New Drugs (2015) 33, 4, 835-847

Carbon-Supported Copper Nanomaterials: Recyclable Catalysts for Huisgen [3+2] Cycloaddition Reactions
Nia, A. S., Rana, S., Doehler, D., Jirsa, F., Meister, A., Guadagno, L., Koslowski, E., Bron, M. & Binder, W. H.
Chemistry: A European Journal (2015) 21, 30, 10763-10770

Next-Generation o-Nitrobenzyl Photolabile Groups for Light-Directed Chemistry and Microarray Synthesis
Kretschy, N., Holik, A-K., Somoza, V., Stengele, K-P.
& Somoza, M. M.
Angewandte Chemie (International Edition) (2015) 54, 29, 8555-8559

The Stereochemical Course of the α-Hydroxyphosphonate-Phosphate Rearrangement
Pallitsch, K., Roller, A. & Hammerschmidt, F.
Chemistry: A European Journal (2015) 21, 28, 10200-10206

Morphometric and molecular analyses of Tylodelphys sp metacercariae (Digenea: Diplostomidae) from the vitreous humour of four fish species from Lake Naivasha, Kenya
Otachi, E. O., Locke, S. A., Jirsa, F., Fellner, C. & Marcogliese, D. J.
Journal of Helminthology (2015) 89, 4, 404-414

Charge and Spin States in Schiff Base Metal Complexes with a Disiloxane Unit Exhibiting a Strong Noninnocent Ligand Character: Synthesis, Structure, Spectroelectrochemistry, and Theoretical Calculations
Cazacu, M., Shova, S., Soroceanu, A., Machata, P., Bucinsky, L., Breza, M., Rapta, P., Telser, J., Krzystek, J. & Arion, V. B.
Inorganic Chemistry (2015) 54, 12,  

Radiosynthesis and first preclinical evaluation of the novel norepinephrine transporter pet-ligand [C-11]ME@HAPTHI
Rami-Mark, C., Berroteran-Infante, N., Philippe, C., Foltin, S., Vraka, C., Hoepping, A., Lanzenberger, R., Hacker, M., Mitterhauser, M. & Wadsak, W.
EJNMMI Research (2015) 5, 12, 34

o-Nitrobenzyl-photolabile Gruppen der nächsten Generation in der lichtgesteuerten Chemie und der Synthese von Mikroarrays
Somoza, M. M., Kretschy, N., Holik, A-K., Somoza, V. & Stengele, K-P. 3
Angewandte Chemie (2015) 127, 29, 8675–8679

Combination of Cadmium and High Cholesterol Levels as a Risk Factor for Heart Fibrosis
Tuerkcan, A., Scharinger, B., Grabmann, G., Keppler, B. K., Laufer, G., Bernhard, D. & Messner, B.
Toxicological Sciences (2015) 145, 2, 360-371

Complexes of N-hydroxyethyl-N-benzimidazolylmethylethylenediaminediacetic acid with group 12 metals and vanadium-Synthesis, structure and bioactivity of the vanadium complex
Habala, L., Bartel, C., Giester, G., Jakupec, M. A., Keppler, B. K. & Rompel, A.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2015) 147, 147-152

Nonivamide Enhances miRNA let-7d Expression and Decreases Adipogenesis PPAR gamma Expression in 3T3-L1 Cells
Rohm, B., Holik, A-K., Kretschy, N., Somoza, M. M., Ley, J. P., Widder, S., Krammer, G. E., Marko, D. & Somoza, V.
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (2015) 116, 6, 1153-1163

Triapine-mediated ABCB1 induction via PKC induces widespread therapy unresponsiveness but is not underlying acquired triapine resistance
Miklos, W., Pelivan, K., Kowol, C. R., Pirker, C., Dornetshuber-Fleiss, R., Spitzwieser, M., Englinger, B., van Schoonhoven, S., Cichna-Markl, M., Koellensperger, G., Keppler, B. K., Berger, W. & Heffeter, P.
Cancer Letters (2015) 361, 1, 112-120

Organometallic complexes of (thio)allomaltol-based Mannich-products: Synthesis, stability and preliminary biological investigations
Schmidlehner, M., Pichler, V., Roller, A., Jakupec, M. A., Kandioller, W. & Keppler, B. K.
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (2015) 782, 69-76

Anti-Stokes photoluminescence in Ga/Bi co-doped sol-gel silica glass
Laguta, O., El Hamzaoui, H., Bouazaoui, M., Arion, V. B. & Razdobreev, I.
Optics Letters (2015) 40, 7, 1591-1594

Bis- and Tetrakis(carboxylato)platinum(IV) Complexes with Mixed Axial Ligands - Synthesis, Characterization, and Cytotoxicity
Hoffmeister, B. R., Hejl, M., Adib-Razavi, M. S., Jakupec, M. A., Galanski, M. & Keppler, B. K.
Chemistry & Biodiversity (2015) 12, 4, 559-574

Bis- and Tris(carboxylato)platinum(IV) Complexes with Mixed Am(m)ine Ligands in the trans Position Exhibiting Exceptionally High Cytotoxicity
Hoffmeister, B. R., Hejl, M., Jakupec, M. A., Galanski, M. & Keppler, B. K. Apr 2015 in : European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2015) 10, 1700-1708

Site-directed mutagenesis around the CuA site of a polyphenol oxidase from Coreopsis grandiflora (cgAUS1)
Kaintz, C., Mayer, R. L., Jirsa, F., Halbwirth, H. & Rompel, A.
FEBS Letters (2015) 589, 7, 789-797

Half-Sandwich Ruthenium(II) Biotin Conjugates as Biological Vectors to Cancer Cells
Babak, M. V., Plazuk, D., Meier, S. M., Arabshahi, H. J., Reynisson, J., Rychlik, B., Blauz, A., Szulc, K., Hanif, M., Strobl, S., Roller, A., Keppler, B. K. & Hartinger, C. G.
Chemistry: A European Journal (2015) 21, 13, 5110-5117

Tris-Functionalized Hybrid Anderson Polyoxometalates: Synthesis, Characterization, Hydrolytic Stability and Inversion of Protein Surface Charge
Blazevic, A., Al-Sayed, E., Roller, A., Giester, G. & Rompel, A.
Chemistry: A European Journal (2015) 21, 12, 4762-4771

1,3-Dioxoindan-2-carboxamides as Bioactive Ligand Scaffolds for the Development of Novel Organometallic Anticancer Drugs
Mokesch, S., Novak, M. S., Roller, A., Jakupec, M. A., Kandioller, W. & Keppler, B. K.
Organometallics (2015) 34, 5, 848-857

Extraction of natural radionuclides from aqueous solutions by novel maltolate-based task-specific ionic liquids
Platzer, S., Sap, O., Leyma, R., Wallner, G., Jirsa, F., Kandioller, W., Krachler, R. & Keppler, B. K.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (2015) 303, 3, 2483-2488

Osmium-Nitrosyl Oxalato-Bridged Lanthanide-Centered Pentanuclear Complexes - Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties
Gavriluta, A., Claiser, N., Kuhn, P-S., Novitchi, G., Tommasino, J. B., Iasco, O., Druta, V., Arion, V. B. & Luneau, D.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2015) 9,  

Parasite communities of the elongate tigerfish Hydrocynus forskahlii (Cuvier 1819) and redbelly tilapia Tilapia zillii (Gervais 1848) from Lake Turkana, Kenya: influence of host sex and size
Otachi, E. O., Szostakowska, B., Jirsa, F. & Fellner, C.
Acta Parasitologica (2015) 60, 1, 

Settling the Half-Life of Fe-60: Fundamental for a Versatile Astrophysical Chronometer
Wallner, A., Bichler, M., Buczak, K., Dressler, R., Fifield, L. K., Schumann, D., Sterba, J. H., Tims, S. G., Wallner, G. & Kutschera, W.
Physical Review Letters (2015) 114, 4, 6, 041101

Phosphonate-Phosphinate Rearrangement
Qian, R., Roller, A. & Hammerschmidt, F.
The Journal of Organic Chemistry (2015) 80, 2, 1082-1091

Comparative in vitro and in vivo pharmacological investigation of platinum(IV) complexes as novel anticancer drug candidates for oral application
Theiner, S., Varbanov, H. P., Galanski, M., Egger, A. E., Berger, W., Heffeter, P. & Keppler, B. K. Jan
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (2015) 20, 1, 89-99

Hybrids of Salicylalkylamides and Mannich Bases: Control of the Amide Conformation by Hydrogen Bonding in Solution and in the Solid State
Dank, C., Kirchknopf, B., Mastalir, M., Kählig, H., Felsinger, S., Roller, A., Arion, V. B. & Gstach, H. Jan
Molecules (2015) 20, 1, 1686-1711

Interaction of the anticancer gallium(III) complexes of 8-hydroxyquinoline and maltol with human serum proteins
Enyedy, E. A., Doemoetoer, O., Bali, K., Hetenyi, A., Tuccinardi, T. & Keppler, B. K.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (2015) 20, 1, 77-88

Synthesis and in Silico Evaluation of Novel Compounds for PET-Based Investigations of the Norepinephrine Transporter
Neudorfer, C., Seddik, A., Shanab, K., Jurik, A., Rami-Mark, C., Holzer, W., Ecker, G., Mitterhauser, M., Wadsak, W. & Spreitzer, H.
Molecules (2015) 20, 1, 1712-1730

Expanding on the Structural Diversity of Flavone- Derived Ruthenium II ( ƞ 6 -arene) Anticancer Agents
Kubanik, M., Tu, J. K. Y., Söhnel, T., Hejl, M., Jakupec, M., Kandioller, W., Keppler, B. & Hartinger, C. G.
Metallodrugs (2015) 1, 24-35

Extravasation of Pt-based chemotherapeutics - bioimaging of their distribution in resectates using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry ( LA-ICP-MS)
Egger, A. E., Kornauth, C., Haslik, W., Hann, S., Theiner, S., Bayer, G., Hartinger, C. G., Keppler, B. K., Pluschnigh, U. & Mader, R. M.
Metallomics: integrated biometal science (2015) 7, 3, 

Improved reaction conditions for the synthesis of new NKP-1339 derivatives and preliminary investigations on their anticancer potential
Kuhn, P. -S., Pichler, V., Roller, A., Hejl, M., Jakupec, M. A., Kandioller, W. & Keppler, B. K.
Dalton Transactions (Print Edition) (2015) 44, 2, 659-668

Influence of reducing agents on the cytotoxic activity of platinum(IV) complexes: induction of G(2)/M arrest, apoptosis and oxidative stress in A2780 and cisplatin resistant A2780cis cell lines
Pichler, V., Goeschl, S., Schreiber-Brynzak, E., Jakupec, M. A., Galanski, M. & Keppler, B. K.
Metallomics (2015) 7, 7, 1078-1090

Solution equilibria and antitumor activities of pentamethylcyclopentadienyl rhodium complexes of picolinic acid and deferiprone
Enyedy, E. A., Doemoetoer, O., Hackl, C. M., Roller, A., Novak, M. S., Jakupec, M. A., Keppler, B. K. & Kandioller, W.
Journal of Coordination Chemistry (2015) 68, 9, 1583-1601

Speciation of metal-based nanomaterials in human serum characterized by capillary electrophoresis coupled to ICP-MS: a case study of gold nanoparticles
Matczuk, M., Anecka, K., Scaletti, F., Messori, L., Keppler, B. K., Timerbaev, A. R. & Jarosz, M.
Metallomics (2015) 7, 9, 1364-1370

Strong effect of copper(II) coordination on antiproliferative activity of thiosemicarbazone-piperazine and thiosemicarbazone-morpholine hybrids
Bacher, F., Domotor, O., Chugunova, A., Nagy, N. V., Filipovic, L., Radulovic, S., Enyedy, E. A. & Arion, V. B.
Dalton Transactions (Print Edition) (2015) 44, 19, 9071-9090

Target profiling of an antimetastatic RAPTA agent by chemical proteomics: relevance to the mode of action
Babak, M. V., Meier, S. M., Huber, K. V. M., Reynisson, J., Legin, A. A., Jakupec, M. A., Roller, A., Stukalov, A., Gridling, M., Bennett, K. L., Colinge, J., Berger, W., Dyson, P. J., Superti-Furga, G., Keppler, B. K. & Hartinger, C. G.
Chemical Science (2015) 6, 4, 2449-2456

Tumor microenvironment in focus: LA-ICP-MS bioimaging of a preclinical tumor model upon treatment with platinum(IV)-based anticancer agents
Theiner, S., Kornauth, C., Varbanov, H. P., Galanski, M., Van Schoonhoven, S., Heffeter, P., Berger, W., Egger, A. E. & Keppler, B. K.
Metallomics (2015) 7, 8, 1256-1264