Publications 2021


Complex formation of an estrone-salicylaldehyde semicarbazone hybrid with copper(II) and gallium(III): Solution equilibria and biological activity
Enyedy, E. A., Petrasheuskaya, T., Kiss, M. A., Wernitznig, D., Wenisch, D., Keppler, B. K., Spengler, G., May, N., Frank, E. & Domotor, O.
Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (2021) 220, 111468

Coumarin-Based Triapine Derivatives and Their Copper(II) Complexes: Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and mR2 RNR Inhibition Activity
Stepanenko, I., Babak, M. V., Spengler, G., Hammerstad, M., Popovic-Bijelic, A., Shova, S., Buchel, G. E., Darvasiova, D., Rapta, P. & Arion, V. B.
Biomolecules (2021) 11, 6, 862

Gastric Serotonin Biosynthesis and Its Functional Role in L-Arginine-Induced Gastric Proton Secretion
Holik, A-K., Schweiger, K., Stoeger, V., Lieder, B., Reiner, A., Zopun, M., Hoi, J. K., Kretschy, N., Somoza, M. M., Kriwanek, S., Pignitter, M. & Somoza, V.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2021) 22, 11, 5881

Improved Tumor-Targeting with Peptidomimetic Analogs of Minigastrin Lu-177-PP-F11N
Grob, N. M., Schibli, R., Behe, M. & Mindt, T. L.
Cancers (2021) 13, 11, 2629

Overall Retention of Methyl Stereochemistry during B-12-Dependent Radical SAM Methyl Transfer in Fosfomycin Biosynthesis
McLaughlin, M., Pallitsch, K., Wallner, G., van der Donk, W. A. & Hammerschmidt, F.
Biochemistry (2021) 60, 20, 1587-1596

Multifunctional Pt(iv) prodrug candidates featuring the carboplatin core and deferoxamine
Harringer, S., Hejl, M., Enyedy, E. A., Jakupec, M. A., Galanski, M. S., Keppler, B. K., Dyson, P. J. & Varbanov, H. P.
Dalton Transactions (2021) 50, 8167-8178

Micro-droplet-based calibration for quantitative elemental bioimaging by LA-ICPMS
Schweikert, A., Theiner, S., Wernitznig, D., Schoeberl, A., Schaier, M., Neumayer, S., Keppler, B. K. & Koellensperger, G.
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2021)

Current trends and challenges in analysis and characterization of engineered nanoparticles in seawater
Timerbaev, A. R., Kuznetsova, O. & Keppler, B. K.
Talanta (2021) 226, 122201

Red Blood Cell Stiffness and Adhesion Are Species-Specific Properties Strongly Affected by Temperature and Medium Changes in Single Cell Force Spectroscopy
Baier, D., Mueller, T., Mohr, T. & Windberger, U.
Molecules (2021) 26, 9, 2771

Exploring the dermotoxicity of the mycotoxin deoxynivalenol: combined morphologic and proteomic profiling of human epidermal cells reveals alteration of lipid biosynthesis machinery and membrane structural integrity relevant for skin barrier function
Del Favero, G., Janker, L., Neuditschko, B., Hohenbichler, J., Kiss, E., Woelflingseder, L., Gerner, C. & Marko, D.
Archives of Toxicology (2021) 95, 2201–2221

Determination of Characteristic vs Anomalous Cs-135/Cs-137 Isotopic Ratios in Radioactively Contaminated Environmental Samples
Zok, D., Blenke, T., Reinhard, S., Sprott, S., Kegler, F., Syrbe, L., Querfeld, R., Takagai, Y., Drozdov, V., Chyzhevskyi, I., Kirieiev, S., Schmidt, B., Adlassnig, W., Wallner, G., Dubchak, S. & Steinhauser, G.
Environmental Science & Technology (2021) 55, 8, 4984-4991

1,5-Disubstituted 1,2,3-Triazoles as Amide Bond Isosteres Yield Novel Tumor-Targeting Minigastrin Analogs
Grob, N. M., Schibli, R., Behe, M., Valverde, I. E. & Mindt, T. L.
ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2021) 12, 4, 585-592

Coordination Polymers of the Macrocyclic Nickel(II) and Copper(II) Complexes with Isomeric Benzenedicarboxylates: The Case of Spatial Complementarity between the Bis-Macrocyclic Complexes and o-Phthalate
Tsymbal, L., Andriichuk, I. L., Shova, S., Trzybinski, D., Wozniak, K., Arion, V. B. & Lampeka, Y. D.
Crystal Growth & Design (2021) 21, 4, 2355-2370

Mass spectrometry techniques for imaging and detection of metallodrugs
Theiner, S., Schoeberl, A., Schweikert, A., Keppler, B. K. & Koellensperger, G.
Current opinion in chemical biology (2021) 61, 123-134

Development of a cobalt(iii)-based ponatinib prodrug system
Mathuber, M., Gutmann, M., La Franca, M., Vician, P., Laemmerer, A., Moser, P., Keppler, B. K., Berger, W. & Kowol, C. R.
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers (2021)

Helminths of the mallard Anas platyrhynchos Linnaeus, 1758 from Austria, with emphasis on the morphological variability of Polymorphus minutus Goeze, 1782
Jirsa, F., Reier, S. & Smales, L.
Journal of Helminthology (2021) 95, e16

Parasite diversity of introduced fish Lates niloticus, Oreochromis niloticus and endemic Haplochromis spp. of Lake Victoria, Kenya
Outa, J. O., Dos Santos, Q. M., Avenant-Oldewage, A. & Jirsa, F.
Parasitology Research (2021)

Synthesis and characterization of enantiopure planar-chiral phosphorus-linked diferrocenes
Honegger, P., Roller, A. & Widhalm, M.
Acta Crystallographica. Section C: Structural Chemistry (2021) 77, 3, 152-160

Doubly derivatized poly(lactide)-albumin nanoparticles as blood vessel-targeted transport device for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Pashkunova-Martic, I., Kremser, C., Talasz, H., Mistlberger, K., Bechter-Hugl, B., Pfaller, K., Baurecht, D., Debbage, P., Jaschke, W., Helbich, T. H. & Keppler, B.
Journal of Nanoparticle Research (2021) 23, 2, 51

Interaction with Ribosomal Proteins Accompanies Stress Induction of the Anticancer Metallodrug BOLD-100/KP1339 in the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Neuditschko, B., Legin, A. A., Baier, D., Schintlmeister, A., Reipert, S., Wagner, M., Keppler, B. K., Berger, W., Meier-Menches, S. M. & Gerner, C.
Angewandte Chemie (International Edition) (2021) 60, 10, 5063-5068

Highly Aromatic Flavan-3-ol Derivatives from Palaeotropical Artocarpus lacucha Buch.-Ham Possess Radical Scavenging and Antiproliferative Properties

Songoen, W., Phanchai, W., Brecker, L., Wenisch, D., Jakupec, M. A., Pluempanupat, W. & Schinnerl, J.
Molecules (2021) 26, 4, 1078

Ingredient-Dependent Extent of Lipid Oxidation in Margarine
Fruehwirth, S., Egger, S., Kurzbach, D., Windisch, J., Jirsa, F., Flecker, T., Ressler, M., Reiner, A. T., Firat, N. & Pignitter, M.
Antioxidants (2021) 10, 1, 105

Recurrent Topics in Mass Spectrometry-Based Metabolomics and Lipidomics-Standardization, Coverage, and Throughput
Rampler, E., El Abiead, Y., Schoeny, H., Rusz, M., Hildebrand, F., Fitz, V. & Koellensperger, G.
Analytical Chemistry (2021) 93, 1, 519-545

Aluminum-Substituted Keggin Germanotungstate [HARH(2)O)GeW11O39](4-): Synthesis, Characterization, and Antibacterial Activity
Tanuhadi, E., Gumerova, N., Prado-Roller, A., Galanski, M., Cipcic-Paljetak, H., Verbanac, D. & Rompel, A.
Inorganic Chemistry (2021) 60, 1, 28-31

Eicosanoid Content in Fetal Calf Serum Accounts for Reproducibility Challenges in Cell Culture

Niederstaetter, L., Neuditschko, B., Brunmair, J., Janker, L., Bileck, A., Del Favero, G. & Gerner, C.
Biomolecules (2021) 11, 1, 113

Spectroelectrochemical Properties and Catalytic Activity in Cyclohexane Oxidation of the Hybrid Zr/Hf-Phthalocyaninate-Capped Nickel(II) and Iron(II) tris-Pyridineoximates and Their Precursors
Voloshin, Y. Z., Dudkin, S. V., Belova, S. A., Gherca, D., Samohvalov, D., Manta, C-M., Lungan, M-A., Meier-Menches, S. M., Rapta, P., Darvasiova, D., Malcek, M., Pombeiro, A. J. L., Martins, L. M. D. R. S. & Arion, V. B.
Molecules (2021) 26, 2, 336