Publications 2018


  • Bioinorganic Chemistry

Lysosomal Sequestration Impairs the Activity of the Preclinical FGFR Inhibitor PD173074
Englinger, B., Kallus, S., Senkiv, J., Laemmerer, A., Moser, P., Gabler, L., Groza, D., Kowol, C. R., Heffeter, P., Grusch, M. & Berger, W.
Fuel Cells (2018) 7, 12, 259

Biological activity of Pt-IV prodrugs triggered by riboflavin-mediated bioorthogonal photocatalysis
Alonso-de Castro, S., Terenzi, A., Hager, S., Englinger, B., Faraone, A., Calvo Martinez, J., Galanski, M., Keppler, B. K., Berger, W. & Salassa, L.
Scientific Reports (2018) 8, 17198

New Variations on the Theme of Gold(III) C boolean AND N boolean AND N Cyclometalated Complexes as Anticancer Agents: Synthesis and Biological Characterization
Carboni, S., Zucca, A., Stoccoro, S., Maiore, L., Arca, M., Ortu, F., Artner, C., Keppler, B. K., Meier-Menches, S. M., Casini, A. & Cinellu, M. A.
Inorganic Chemistry (2018) 57, 23, 14852-14865

Biological activity of Pt-IV prodrugs triggered by riboflavin-mediated bioorthogonal photocatalysis
Alonso-de Castro, S., Terenzi, A., Hager, S., Englinger, B., Faraone, A., Calvo Martinez, J., Galanski, M., Keppler, B. K., Berger, W. & Salassa, L.
Scientific Reports (2018) 8, 17198

The Impact of Leaving Group Variation on the Anticancer Activity of Molybdenocenes
Kandioller, W., Reikersdorfer, M., Theiner, S., Roller, A., Hejl, M., Jakupec, M. A., Malarek, M. S. & Keppler, B. K.
Organometallics (2018) 37, 21, 3909-3916

Critical assessment of different methods for quantitative measurement of metallodrug-protein associations
Galvez, L., Theiner, S., Grabarics, M., Kowol, C. R., Keppler, B. K., Hann, S. & Koellensperger, G.,
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2018) 410, 27, 7211-7220

Nanoformulations of anticancer FGFR inhibitors with improved therapeutic index
Kallus, S., Englinger, B., Senkiv, J., Laemmerer, A., Heffeter, P., Berger, W., Kowol, C. R. & Keppler, B. K.
Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology Biology and Medicine (2018) 14, 8, 2632-2643

The thiosemicarbazone Me2NNMe2 induces paraptosis by disrupting the ER thiol redox homeostasis based on protein disulfide isomerase inhibition
Hager, S., Korbula, K., Bielec, B., Grusch, M., Pirker, C., Schosserer, M., Liendl, L., Lang, M., Grillari, J., Nowikoysky, K., Pape, V. F. S., Mohr, T., Szakacs, G., Keppler, B. K., Berger, W., Kowol, C. R. & Heffeter, P.
Cell Death & Disease (2018) 9, 1052

Serum-binding properties of isosteric ruthenium and osmium anticancer agents elucidated by SEC-ICP-MS
Klose, M. H. M., Schöberl, A., Heffeter, P., Berger, W., Hartinger, C. G., Koellensperger, G., Meier-Menches, S. M. & Keppler, B. K.
Monatshefte für Chemie (2018) 149, 10, 1719-1726

Understanding the interactions of diruthenium anticancer agents with amino acids
Nazarov, A. A., Mendoza Parra Ferri, M. G., Hanif, M., Keppler, B. K., Dyson, P. J. & Hartinger, C. G.
Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (2018) 23, 7, 1159-1164

Fluorescent organometallic rhodium(I) and ruthenium(II) metallodrugs with 4-ethylthio-1,8-naphthalimide ligands: Antiproliferative effects, cellular uptake and DNA-interaction
Streciwilk, W., Terenzi, A., Cheng, X., Hager, L., Dabiri, Y., Prochnow, P., Bandow, J. E., Woelfl, S., Keppler, B. K. & Ott, I.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2018), 156, 148-161

NO Releasing and Anticancer Properties of Octahedral Ruthenium-Nitrosyl Complexes with Equatorial 1H-Indazole Ligands
Orlowska, E., Babak, M. V., Domotor, O., Enyedy, E. A., Rapta, P., Zalibera, M., Bucinsky, L., Malcek, M., Govind, C., Karunakaran, V., Farid, Y. C. S., McDonnell, T. E., Luneau, D., Schaniel, D., Ang, W. H. & Arion, V. B.
Inorganic Chemistry (2018) 57, 17, 10702-10717

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Organometallic Complexes Bearing Bis-1,8-naphthalimide Ligands
Streciwilk, W., Terenzi, A., Lo Nardo, F., Prochnow, P., Bandow, J. E., Keppler, B. K. & Ott, I.
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2018) 26, 3104-3112

Structural and solution equilibrium studies on half-sandwich organorhodium complexes of (N,N) donor bidentate ligands
Meszaros, J. P., Domotor, O., Hackl, C. M., Roller, A., Keppler, B. K., Kandioller, W. & Enyedy, E. A.
New Journal of Chemistry (2018) 42, 13, 11174-11184

Copper(II) Thiosemicarbazone Complexes and Their Proligands upon UVA Irradiation: An EPR and Spectrophotometric Steady-State Study
Hricovini, M., Mazur, M., Sirbu, A., Palamarciuc, O., Arion, V. B. & Brezova, V.
Molecules (2018) 23, 4, 721

REVIEW: metal complexes as urease inhibitors
Habala, L., Devinsky, F. & Egger, A. E.
Journal of Coordination Chemistry (2018) 71, 7, 907-940

Comparative studies on the human serum albumin binding of the clinically approved EGFR inhibitors gefitinib, erlotinib, afatinib, osimertinib and the investigational inhibitor KP2187
Domotor, O., Pelivan, K., Borics, A., Keppler, B. K., Kowol, C. R. & Enyedy, E. A.
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis (2018) 154, 321-331

Structure elucidation and quantification of the reduction products of anticancer Pt(iv) prodrugs by electrochemistry/mass spectrometry (EC-MS)
Frensemeier, L. M., Mayr, J., Koellensperger, G., Keppler, B. K., Kowol, C. R. & Karst, U.
The Analyst (2018) 143, 9, 1997-2001

Design, synthesis, nuclear localization, and biological activity of a fluorescent duocarmycin analog, HxTfA
Kiakos, K., Englinger, B., Yanow, S. K., Wernitznig, D., Jakupec, M. A., Berger, W., Keppler, B. K., Hartley, J. A., Lee, M. & Patil, P. C.
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2018) 28, 8, 1342-1347

The impact of whole human blood on the kinetic inertness of platinum(IV) prodrugs - an HPLC-ICP-MS study
Theiner, S., Grabarics, M., Galvez, L., Varbanov, H. P., Sommerfeld, N. S., Galanski, M., Keppler, B. K. & Koellensperger
Dalton Transactions (Print Edition) (2018) 47, 15, 5252-5258

N- and S-donor leaving groups in triazole-based ruthena(II) cycles: potent anticancer activity, selective activation, and mode of action studies
Riedl, C. A., Hejl, M., Klose, M. H. M., Roller, A., Jakupec, M. A., Kandioller, W. & Keppler, B. K.
Dalton Transactions (Print Edition) (2018) 47, 13, 4625-4638

Studies of KP46 and KP1019 and the Hydrolysis Product of KP1019 in Lipiodol Emulsions: Preparation and Initial Characterizations as Potential Theragnostic Agents
Pashkunova-Martic, I., Cebrian Losantos, B., Kandler, N. & Keppler, B.
Current Drug Delivery (2018) 15, 1, 134 - 142

Rollover Cyclometalated Bipyridine Platinum Complexes as Potent Anticancer Agents: Impact of the Ancillary Ligands on the Mode of Action
Babak, M. V., Pfaffeneder-Kmen, M., Meier-Menches, S. M., Legina, M. S., Theiner, S., Licona, C., Orvain, C., Hejl, M., Hanif, M., Jakupec, M. A., Keppler, B. K., Gaiddon, C. & Hartinger, C. G.
Inorganic Chemistry (2018) 57, 5, 2851-2864

A comparative study of alpha-N-pyridyl thiosemicarbazones: Spectroscopic properties, solution stability and copper(II) complexation
Domotor, O., May, N. V., Pelivan, K., Kiss, T., Keppler, B. K., Kowol, C. R. & Enyedy, E. A.
Inorganica Chimica Acta (2018) 472, 264-275

Bioimaging of isosteric osmium and ruthenium anticancer agents by LA-ICP-MS
Klose, M. H. M., Theiner, S., Kornauth, C., Meier-Menches, S. M., Heffeter, P., Berger, W., Koellensperger, G. & Keppler, B. K.
Metallomics (2018) 10, 3, 388-396

Complexes of pyridoxal thiosemicarbazones formed with vanadium(IV/V) and copper(II): Solution equilibrium and structure
Jakusch, T., Kozma, K., Enyedy, E. A., May, N. V., Roller, A., Kowol, C. R., Keppler, B. K. & Kiss, T.
Inorganica Chimica Acta (2018) 472, 243-253

Comparison of metabolic pathways of different alpha-N-heterocyclic thiosemicarbazones
Pelivan, K., Frensemeier, L. M., Karst, U., Koellensperger, G., Heffeter, P., Keppler, B. K. & Kowol, C. R.
Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2018) 410, 9, 2343-2361

Bacterial ghosts as adjuvant to oxaliplatin chemotherapy in colorectal carcinomatosis
Groza, D., Gehrig, S., Kudela, P., Holcmann, M., Pirker, C., Dinhof, C., Schueffl, H. H., Sramko, M., Hoebart, J., Alioglu, F., Grusch, M., Ogris, M., Lubitz, W., Keppler, B. K., Pashkunova-Martic, I., Kowol, C. R., Sibilia, M., Berger, W. & Heffeter, P.
OncoImmunology (2018) 7, 5, 1424676

Anticancer Thiosemicarbazones: Chemical Properties, Interaction with Iron Metabolism, and Resistance Development
Heffeter, P., Pape, V. F. S., Enyedy, E. A., Keppler, B. K., Szakacs, G. & Kowol, C. R.
Antioxidants and Redox Signaling (2018) 30,8, 1062-1082

Structure-activity relationships for ruthenium and osmium anticancer agents - towards clinical development
Meier-Menches, S. M., Gerner, C., Berger, W., Hartinger, C. G. & Keppler, B. K.
Chemical Society Reviews (2018) 47, 3, 909-928

Palladium Complexes of N,N '-Bis(2-aminoethyl)oxamide (H2L): Structural ((PL)-L-II, (Pd2L2)-L-II, and (PdLCl2)-L-IV), Electrochemical, Dynamic H-1 NMR, and Cytotoxicity Studies
Gavrish, S. P., Lampeka, Y. D., Babak, M. V. & Arion, V. B.
Inorganic Chemistry (2018) 57, 3, 1288-1297

  • Environmental Chemistry and Radiochemistry

Solvent Bar Micro-Extraction of Heavy Metals from Natural Water Samples Using 3-Hydroxy-2-Naphthoate-Based Ionic Liquids
Pirkwieser, P., Lopez-Lopez, J. A., Kandioller, W., Keppler, B. K., Moreno, C. & Jirsa, F.
Molecules (2018) 23, 11, 3011

Solvent bar micro-extraction for greener application of task specific ionic liquids in multi-elemental extraction
Lopez-Lopez, J. A., Pirkwieser, P., Leyma, R., Kandioller, W., Krachler, R., Keppler, B. K., Jirsa, F. & Moreno, C.
Journal of cleaner production (2018) 201, 22-27

Uranium concentrations in sediment pore waters of Lake Neusiedl, Austria
Krachler, R., Krachler, R., Guelce, F., Keppler, B. K. & Wallner, G.
Science of the Total Environment (2018) 633, 981-988

A multi-isotopic approach to investigate the influence of land use on nitrate removal in a highly saline lake-aquifer system
Valiente, N., Carrey, R., Otero, N., Soler, A., Sanz, D., Munoz-Martin, A., Jirsa, F., Wanek, W. & Gomez-Alday, J.
Science of the Total Environment (2018) 631-632, 649-659

Novel 3-Hydroxy-2-Naphthoate-Based Task-Specific Ionic Liquids for an Efficient Extraction of Heavy Metals
Pirkwieser, P., Lopez-Lopez, J. A., Kandioller, W., Keppler, B. K., Moreno, C. & Jirsa, F.
Frontiers in Chemistry (2018) 6, 172

Blei in frühbronzezeitlichen Muschelschalen aus Stillfried
Jirsa, F.
Fundberichte aus Österreich 55, 2016 (2018), D220 – D222

Development and evaluation of a rapid analysis for HEPES determination in Ga-68-radiotracers
Pfaff, S., Nehring, T., Pichler, V., Cardinale, J., Mitterhauser, M., Hacker, M. & Wadsak, W.
EJNMMI Research (2018) 8, 95

Microfluidic Ga-68-labeling: a proof of principle study
Pfaff, S., Philippe, C., Pichler, V., Hacker, M., Mitterhauser, M. & Wadsak, W.
Dalton Transactions (Print Edition) (2018) 47, 17, 5997-6004

A new method measuring the interaction of radiotracers with the human P-glycoprotein (P-gp) transporter
Vraka, C., Dumanic, M., Racz, T., Pichler, F., Philippe, C., Balber, T., Klebermass, E-M., Wagner, K-H., Hacker, M., Wadsak, W. & Mitterhauser, M.
Nuclear Medicine and Biology (2018) 60, 29-36

Expanding LogP: Present possibilities
Vraka, C., Mijailovic, S., Fröhlich, V., Zeilinger, M., Klebermass, E-M., Wadsak, W., Wagner, K-H., Hacker, M. & Mitterhauser, M.
Nuclear Medicine and Biology (2018) 58, 20-32

Speed matters to raise molar radioactivity: Fast HPLC shortens the quality control of C-11 PET-tracers
Nics, L., Steiner, B., Klebermass, E-M., Philippe, C., Mitterhauser, M., Hacker, M. & Wadsak, W.
Nuclear Medicine and Biology (2018) 57, 28-33

[F-18]FEPPA: Improved Automated Radiosynthesis, Binding Affinity, and Preliminary in Vitro Evaluation in Colorectal Cancer
Berroteran-Infante, N., Balher, T., Fuerlinger, P., Bergmann, M., Lanzenberger, R., Hacker, M., Mitterhauser, M. & Wadsak, W.
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2018) 9, 3, 177-181

  • Nucleic Acid Chemistry

High-Density RNA Microarrays Synthesized In Situ by Photolithography
Lietard, J., Ameur, D., Damha, M. J. & Somoza, M. M.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition (2018) 57, 15257-15261

High-Efficiency Reverse (5 '-> 3 ') Synthesis of Complex DNA Microarrays
Hoelz, K., Hoi, J. K., Schaudy, E., Somoza, V., Lietard, J. & Somoza, M. M.
Scientific Reports (2018) 8, 15099

Impact of free N-epsilon-carboxymethyllysine, its precursor glyoxal and AGE-modified BSA on serotonin release from human parietal cells in culture
Holik, A-K., Stoeger, V., Hoelz, K., Somoza, M. M. & Somoza, V.
Food & Function (2018) 9, 7, 3906-3915

The advanced glycation end product N-epsilon-carboxymethyllysine and its precursor glyoxal increase serotonin release from Caco-2 cells
Holik, A-K., Lieder, B., Kretschy, N., Somoza, M. M., Ley, J. P., Hans, J. & Somoza, V.
Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (2018) 119, 3, 2731-2741

  • X-ray Structure Analysis Centre

Iron(II) and copper(II) paratungstates B: a single-crystal X-ray diffraction study
Gumerova, N., Dobrov, A., Roller, A. & Rompel, A.
Acta Crystallographica (2018) C74, 1252-1259

Synthesis and characterization of hybrid Anderson hexamolybdoaluminates(III) functionalized with indometacin or cinnamic acid
Gumerova, N. I., Blazevic, A., Caldera Fraile, T., Roller, A., Giester, G. & Rompel, A.
Acta Crystallographica (2018) C74, 1378-1383

Total Synthesis, Stereochemical Assignment, and Divergent Enantioselective Enzymatic Recognition of Larreatricin
Martin, H. J., Kampatsikas, I., Oost, R., Pretzler, M., Al-Sayed, E., Roller, A., Giester, G., Rompel, A. & Maulide, N.
Chemistry - A European Journal (2018) 24, 59, 15756-15760

Economy of Catalyst Synthesis-Convenient Access to Libraries of Di- and Tetranaphtho Azepinium Compounds
Tharamak, S., Knittl-Frank, C., Manaprasertsak, A., Pengsook, A., Suchy, L., Schuller, P., Happl, B., Roller, A. & Widhalm, M. Molecules (2018) 23, 4, 750

Formal synthesis of P-chiral [O-16,O-17,O-18]phosphoenol pyruvates by means of the alpha-hydroxyphosphonate-phosphate rearrangement
Krizkova, P. M., Roller, A. & Hammerschmidt, F.
Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements (2018) 193, 8, 515-519

On the Tautomerism of N-Substituted Pyrazolones: 1,2-Dihydro-3H-pyrazol-3-ones versus 1H-Pyrazol-3-ols
Arbaciauskiene, E., Krikstolaityte, S., Mitruleviciene, A., Bieliauskas, A., Martynaitis, V., Bechmann, M., Roller, A., Sackus, A. & Holzer, W.
Molecules (2018) 23, 1, 129

α-Arylamino Diazoketones: Diazomethane-Loading Controlled Synthesis, Spectroscopic Investigations and Structural X-ray Analysis
Castoldi, L., Ielo, L., Holzer, W., Giester, G., Roller, A. & Pace, V.
The Journal of Organic Chemistry (2018) 83, 8, 4336-4347