Publications 2023


  • Bioinorganic Chemistry

The Lipid Metabolism as Target and Modulator of BOLD-100 Anticancer Activity: Crosstalk with Histone Acetylation
Baier, D., Mendrina, T., Schoenhacker-Alte, B., Pirker, C., Mohr, T., Rusz, M., Regner, B., Schaier, M., Sgarioto, N., Raynal, N. J. M., Nowikovsky, K., Schmidt, W. M., Heffeter, P., Meier-Menches, S. M., Koellensperger, G., Keppler, B. K. & Berger, W.
Advanced Science (2023) 10, 32, 2301939

Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation as a Key Step in the Synthesis of the Phosphonic Acid Analogs of Aminocarboxylic Acids
Dinhof, T., Kalina, T., Stanković, T., Braunsteiner, K., Rohrbach, P., Turhan, E., Gradwohl, A., Königshofer, A., Horak, J. & Pallitsch, K.
Chemistry - A European Journal (2023) 29, 72, e202302171

Stepwise optimization of tumor-targeted dual-action platinum(iv)-gemcitabine prodrugs
Kastner, A., Mendrina, T., Babu, T., Karmakar, S., Poetsch, I., Berger, W., Keppler, B. K., Gibson, D., Heffeter, P. & Kowol, C. R.
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers (2023) 11, 2, 534-548

Insertion of (Bioactive) Equatorial Ligands into Platinum(IV) Complexes
Kastner, A., Schueffl, H., Yassemipour, P. A., Keppler, B. K., Heffeter, P. & Kowol, C. R.
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition (2023) 62, 46, e202311468

Not the usual suspect - an unexpected organometallic product during the synthesis of cytotoxic platinum(II) complexes
Maier, T., Wutschitz, J., Gajic, N., Hejl, M., Cseh, K., Mai, S., Jakupec, M. A., Galanski, M. S. & Keppler, B. K.
Dalton Transactions (2023) 52, 44, 16326-16335

Cytotoxic Impact of Fluorinated Ligands in Equatorial Position of Trans-Configured Diam(m)inetetracarboxylatoplatinum(IV) Complexes
Lerchbammer-Kreith, Y., Hejl, M., Wenisch, D., Jakupec, M. A., Galanski, M. S. & Keppler, B. K.
Inorganics (2023) 11, 10, 411

Nanoscale Ion-Exchange Materials: From Analytical Chemistry to Industrial and Biomedical Applications
Matczuk, M., Ruzik, L., Keppler, B. K. & Timerbaev, A. R.
Molecules (2023) 28, 18, 6490

Quaternary Ammonium Palmitoyl Glycol Chitosan (GCPQ) Loaded with Platinum-Based Anticancer Agents—A Novel Polymer Formulation for Anticancer Therapy
Lerchbammer-Kreith, Y., Hejl, M., Sommerfeld, N. S., Weng-Jiang, X., Odunze, U., Mellor, R. D., Workman, D. G., Jakupec, M. A., Schätzlein, A. G., Uchegbu, I. F., Galanski, M. S. & Keppler, B. K.
Pharmaceuticals (2023) 16, 7, 1027

Entinostat Enhances the Efficacy of Chemotherapy in Small Cell Lung Cancer Through S-phase Arrest and Decreased Base Excision Repair
Solta, A., Boettiger, K., Kovacs, I., Lang, C., Megyesfalvi, Z., Ferk, F., Misík, M., Hoetzenecker, K., Aigner, C., Kowol, C. R., Knasmueller, S., Grusch, M., Szeitz, B., Rezeli, M., Dome, B. & Schelch, K.
Clinical Cancer Research (2023) 29, 22, 4644-4659

Iron(III) complexes with ditopic macrocycles bearing crown-ether and bis(salicylidene) isothiosemicarbazide moieties
Arion, V., Palamarciuc, O., Shova, S., Novitchi, G. & Rapta, P.
Serbian Chemical Society Journal (2023) 88, 12, 1205–1222

Multilength Scale Hierarchy in Metal-Organic Frameworks: Synthesis, Characterization and the Impact on Applications
Tsang, M. Y., Sinelshchikova, A., Zaremba, O., Schöfbeck, F., Balsa, A. D., Reithofer, M. R., Wuttke, S. & Chin, J. M.
Advanced Functional Materials (2023), 2308376

Influence of the Fatty Acid Metabolism on the Mode of Action of a Cisplatin(IV) Complex with Phenylbutyrate as Axial Ligands
Mendrina, T., Poetsch, I., Schueffl, H., Baier, D., Pirker, C., Ries, A., Keppler, B. K., Kowol, C. R., Gibson, D., Grusch, M., Berger, W. & Heffeter, P.
Pharmaceutics (2023) 15, 2, 677

Highly Cytotoxic Molybdenocenes with Strong Metabolic Effects Inhibit Tumour Growth in Mice
Fuchs, V., Cseh, K., Hejl, M., Vician, P., Neuditschko, B., Meier-Menches, S. M., Janker, L., Bileck, A., Gajic, N., Kronberger, J., Schaier, M., Neumayer, S., Koellensperger, G., Gerner, C., Berger, W., Jakupec, M. A., Malarek, M. S. & Keppler, B. K.
Chemistry: A European Journal (2023) 29, 4, e202202648

Methods to identify protein targets of metal-based drugs
Skos, L., Borutzki, Y., Gerner, C. & Meier-Menches, S. M.
Current opinion in chemical biology (2023) 73, 102257

Tuning dynamic DNA- and peptide-driven self-assembly in DNA-peptide conjugates
Taylor, E. R., Sato, A., Jones, I., Gudeangadi, P. G., Beal, D. M., Hopper, J. A., Xue, W-F., Reithofer, M. R. & Serpell, C. J.
Chemical Science (2023) 14, 1, 196-202

Spectroscopic Characterization of the Binding and Release of Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic and Amphiphilic Molecules from Ovalbumin Supramolecular Hydrogels
Veskovic, A., Bajuk-Bogdanovic, D., Arion, V. B. B. & Bijelic, A. P.
Gels (2023) 9, 1, 14

Latonduine-1-Amino-Hydantoin Hybrid, Triazole-Fused Latonduine Schiff Bases and Their Metal Complexes: Synthesis, X-ray and Electron Diffraction, Molecular Docking Studies and Antiproliferative Activity
Wittmann, C., Gruene, T., Prado-Roller, A., Arandelovic, S., Reynisson, J. & Arion, V. B. B.
Inorganics (2023) 11, 1, 30

Synthesis, characterization and antiproliferative activity of platinum(II) complexes with 3-(2-pyridyl)-N1,2-methyl-1,2,4-triazoles
Ohorodnik, Y. M., Khomenko, D. M., Doroshchuk, R. O., Raspertova, I. V., Shova, S., Babak, M. V., Milunovic, M. N. M. & Lampeka, R. D.
Inorganica Chimica Acta (2023) 556, 121646

Multi-action platinum(IV) prodrugs conjugated with COX-inhibiting NSAIDs
Liu, X., Wenisch, D., Dahlke, P., Jordan, P. M., Jakupec, M. A., Kowol, C. R., Liebing, P., Werz, O., Keppler, B. K. & Weigand, W.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2023) 257, 115515

Beyond silver sulfadiazine: A dive into more than 50 years of research and development on metal complexes of sulfonamides in medicinal inorganic chemistry
Bormio Nunes, J. H., Hideki Nakahata, D., Corbi, P. P. & Ferraz de Paiva, R. E.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews (2023) 490, 215228

Exploring the Potential of Metal-Based Candidate Drugs as Modulators of the Cytoskeleton
Borutzki, Y., Skos, L., Gerner, C. & Meier-Menches, S. M.

ChemBioChem (2023) 24, 17, e202300178

Fabrication of graded porous structure of hydroxypropyl cellulose hydrogels via temperature-induced phase separation
Tialiou, A., Athab, Z. H., Woodward, R. T., Biegler, V., Keppler, B. K., Halbus, A. F., Reithofer, M. R. & Chin, J. M.
Carbohydrate Polymers (2023) 315, 120984

Human serum albumin as a copper source for anticancer thiosemicarbazones
Schaier, M., Falcone, E., Prstek, T., Vileno, B., Hager, S., Keppler, B. K., Heffeter, P., Koellensperger, G., Faller, P. & Kowol, C. R.
Metallomics (2023) 15, 8, mfad046

NHC stabilized copper nanoparticles via reduction of a copper NHC complex
Richstein, R., Eisen, C., Ge, L., Chalermnon, M., Mayer, F., Keppler, B. K., Chin, J. M. & Reithofer, M. R.
Chemical Communications (2023) 59, 64, 9738-9741

Indolo[2,3-e]benzazocines and indolo[2,3-f]benzazonines and their copper(ii) complexes as microtubule destabilizing agents
Wittmann, C., Dömötör, O., Kuznetcova, I., Spengler, G., Reynisson, J., Holder, L., Miller, G. J., Enyedy, E. A., Bai, R., Hamel, E. & Arion, V. B.
Dalton Transactions (2023) 52, 29, 9964-9982

A novel EGFR inhibitor acts as potent tool for hypoxia-activated prodrug systems and exerts strong synergistic activity with VEGFR inhibition in vitro and in vivo
Caban, M., Koblmueller, B., Groza, D., Schueffl, H. H., Terenzi, A., Tolios, A., Mohr, T., Mathuber, M., Kryeziu, K., Jaunecker, C., Pirker, C., Keppler, B. K., Berger, W., Kowol, C. R. & Heffeter, P.
Cancer Letters (2023) 565, 216237

Anticancer Tungstenocenes with a Diverse Set of (O,O–), (O,S–) and (O,N–) Chelates—A Detailed Biological Study Using an Improved Evaluation via 3D Spheroid Models
Cseh, K., Berasaluce, I., Fuchs, V., Banc, A., Schweikert, A., Prado-Roller, A., Hejl, M., Wernitznig, D., Koellensperger, G., Jakupec, M. A., Kandioller, W., Malarek, M. S. & Keppler, B. K.
Pharmaceutics (2023) 15, 7, 1875

Tumor-targeted dual-action NSAID-platinum(iv) anticancer prodrugs
Kastner, A., Mendrina, T., Bachmann, F., Berger, W., Keppler, B. K., Heffeter, P. & Kowol, C. R.
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers (2023) 10, 14, 4126-4138

Degradable Bottlebrush Polypeptides and the Impact of their Architecture on Cell Uptake, Pharmacokinetics, and Biodistribution In Vivo
Strasser, P., Montsch, B., Weiss, S., Sami, H., Kugler, C., Hager, S., Schueffl, H., Mader, R., Brüggemann, O., Kowol, C. R., Ogris, M., Heffeter, P. & Teasdale, I.
Small (2023) 19, 22, 2300767

Aberrant DNA Methylation, Expression, and Occurrence of Transcript Variants of the ABC Transporter ABCA7 in Breast Cancer
Zappe, K., Kopic, A., Scheichel, A., Schier, A. K., Schmidt, L. E., Borutzki, Y., Miedl, H., Schreiber, M., Mendrina, T., Pirker, C., Pfeiler, G., Hacker, S., Haslik, W., Pils, D., Bileck, A., Gerner, C., Meier-Menches, S., Heffeter, P. & Cichna-Markl, M.
Cells (2023) 12, 11, 1462

Platinum(IV)-Loaded Degraded Glycol Chitosan as Efficient Platinum(IV) Drug Delivery Platform
Lerchbammer-Kreith, Y., Sommerfeld, N. S., Cseh, K., Weng-Jiang, X., Odunze, U., Schätzlein, A. G., Uchegbu, I. F., Galanski, M. S., Jakupec, M. A. & Keppler, B. K.
Pharmaceutics (2023) 15, 4, 1050

Multiparametric Tissue Characterization Utilizing the Cellular Metallome and Immuno-Mass Spectrometry Imaging
Schaier, M., Theiner, S., Baier, D., Braun, G., Berger, W. & Koellensperger, G.
JACS Au. (2023) 3, 2, 419-428

Effects of Salinomycin and Deferiprone on Lead-Induced Changes in the Mouse Brain
Petrova, E., Gluhcheva, Y., Pavlova, E., Vladov, I., Dorkov, P., Schaier, M., Pashkunova-Martic, I., Helbich, T. H., Keppler, B. & Ivanova, J.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2023) 24, 3, 2871

Half-Sandwich Rhodium Complexes with Releasable N-Donor Monodentate Ligands: Solution Chemical Properties and the Possibility for Acidosis Activation
Mészáros, J. P., Kandioller, W., Spengler, G., Prado-Roller, A., Keppler, B. K. & Enyedy, É. A.
Pharmaceutics (2023) 15, 2, 356

Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, antibacterial activity and antiproliferative profile of a new silver(I) complex of 5-fluorocytosine
Pereira, G. D. M., Bormio Nunes, J. H., Cruz, Á. B., Pereira, D. H., Buglio, K. E., Ruiz, A. L. T. G., de Carvalho, J. E., Frajácomo, S. C. L., Lustri, W. R., Bergamini, F. R. G. & Corbi, P. P.
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (2023) 266, 110096

Multi-omics empowered deep phenotyping of ulcerative colitis identifies biomarker signatures reporting functional remission states
Janker, L., Schuster, D., Bortel, P., Hagn, G., Meier-Menches, S. M., Mohr, T., Mader, J. C., Slany, A., Bileck, A., Brunmair, J., Madl, C., Unger, L., Hennlich, B., Weitmayr, B., Del Favero, G., Pils, D., Pukrop, T., Pfisterer, N., Feichtenschlager, T. & Gerner, C.
Journal of Crohn's & Colitis (2023) jjad052

Semiquantitative Analysis for High-Speed Mapping Applications of Biological Samples Using LA-ICP-TOFMS
Metarapi, D., Schweikert, A., Jerše, A., Schaier, M., van Elteren, J. T., Koellensperger, G., Theiner, S. & Šala, M.
Analytical Chemistry (2023) 95, 19, 7804-7812

Combination of Drug Delivery Properties of PAMAM Dendrimers and Cytotoxicity of Platinum(IV) Complexes—A More Selective Anticancer Treatment?
Lerchbammer-Kreith, Y., Hejl, M., Vician, P., Jakupec, M. A., Berger, W., Galanski, M. S. & Keppler, B. K.
Pharmaceutics (2023) 15, 5, 1515

Tackling orientation of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs): The quest to enhance MOF performance
Khalil, I. E., Fonseca, J., Reithofer, M. R., Eder, T. & Chin, J. M.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews (2023) 481, 215043

Update of the Preclinical Situation of Anticancer Platinum Complexes: Novel Design Strategies and Innovative Analytical Approaches (Current Medicinal Chemistry, 12, 18, 2005, pp: 2075-2094)
Galanski, M. S., Jakupec, M. A. & Keppler, B. K.
Current Medicinal Chemistry (2023) 30, 36, 4167

Mass Spectrometry Insight for Assessing the Destiny of Plastics in Seawater
Kuznetsova, O. V., Shtykov, S. N. & Timerbaev, A. R.
Polymers (2023) 15, 6, 1523

Analysis of Engineered Nanoparticles in Seawater Using ICP-MS-Based Technology: From Negative to Positive Samples
Kuznetsova, O. V., Keppler, B. K. & Timerbaev, A. R.
Molecules (2023) 28, 3, 994

Seawater analysis of engineered nanoparticles using ICP-MS-based technology: Addressing challenges with the development of reliable monitoring strategy
V. Kuznetsova, O., Keppler, B. K. & Timerbaev, A. R.
Talanta (2023) 252, 123846

Enhanced edible plant production using nano-manganese and nano-iron fertilizers: Current status, detection methods and risk assessment
Szuplewska, A., Sikorski, J., Matczuk, M., Ruzik, L., Keppler, B. K., Timerbaev, A. R. & Jarosz, M.
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (2023) 199, 107745

  • Bioinorganic Radiochemistry

Synthesis and Preclinical Evaluation of Radiolabeled [103Ru]BOLD-100
Happl, B., Brandt, M., Balber, T., Benčurová, K., Talip, Z., Voegele, A., Heffeter, P., Kandioller, W., Van der Meulen, N. P., Mitterhauser, M., Hacker, M., Keppler, B. K. & Mindt, T. L.
Pharmaceutics (2023) 15, 11, 2626

Automated solid-phase synthesis of metabolically stabilized triazolo-peptidomimetics
Guarrochena, X., Kaudela, B. & Mindt, T. L.
Journal of Peptide Science (2023) 29, 9, e3488

Effects of bilateral sequential theta-burst stimulation on 5-HT1A receptors in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in treatment-resistant depression: a proof-of-concept trial
Murgaš, M., Unterholzner, J., Stöhrmann, P., Philippe, C., Godbersen, G. M., Nics, L., Reed, M. B., Vraka, C., Vanicek, T., Wadsak, W., Kranz, G. S., Hahn, A., Mitterhauser, M., Hacker, M., Kasper, S. & Lanzenberger,
Translational Psychiatry (2023) 13, 1, 33

Fluorinated Analogues to the Pentuloses of the Pentose Phosphate Pathway
Scheibelberger, L., Stankovic, T., Liepert, K., Kienzle, A., Patronas, E. M., Balber, T., Mitterhauser, M., Haschemi, A. & Pallitsch, K.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry (2023) 26, 31, e202300339

Task-evoked metabolic demands of the posteromedial default mode network are shaped by dorsal attention and frontoparietal control networks
Godbersen, G. M., Klug, S., Wadsak, W., Pichler, V., Raitanen, J., Rieckmann, A., Stiernman, L., Cocchi, L., Breakspear, M., Hacker, M., Lanzenberger, R. & Hahn, A.
eLife (2023) 12, e84683

Towards Ruthenium(II)-Rhenium(I) Binuclear Complexes as Photosensitizers for Photodynamic Therapy
Wang, Y., Felder, P. S., Mesdom, P., Blacque, O., Mindt, T. L., Cariou, K. & Gasser, G., 2023
ChemBioChem (2023) e202300467

Comparison of Radiation Response between 2D and 3D Cell Culture Models of Different Human Cancer Cell Lines
Raitanen, J., Barta, B., Hacker, M., Georg, D., Balber, T. & Mitterhauser, M.
Cells (2023) 12, 3, 360

Consecutive Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) and Antigen Receptor (AR) PET Imaging Shows Positive Correlation with AR and PSMA Protein Expression in Primary Hormone-Naïve Prostate Cancer
al Jalali, V., Wasinger, G., Rasul, S., Grubmüller, B., Wulkersdorfer, B., Balber, T., Mitterhauser, M., Simon, J., Hacker, M., Shariat, S., Egger, G. & Zeitlinger, M.
Journal of Nuclear Medicine (2023) 64, 6, 863-868

Quality Assurance Investigations and Impurity Characterization during Upscaling of [177Lu]Lu-PSMAI&T
Schmitl, S., Raitanen, J., Witoszynskyj, S., Patronas, E. M., Nics, L., Ozenil, M., Weissenböck, V., Mindt, T. L., Hacker, M., Wadsak, W., Brandt, M. R. & Mitterhauser, M.
Molecules (2023) 28, 23, 7696

Radiobiological Assessment of Targeted Radionuclide Therapy with [177Lu]Lu-PSMA-I&T in 2D vs. 3D Cell Culture Models
Raitanen, J., Barta, B., Fuchs, H., Hacker, M., Balber, T., Georg, D. & Mitterhauser, M.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2023) 24, 23, 17015

Synthesis of 4-Deoxy-4-Fluoro-D-Sedoheptulose: A Promising New Sugar to Apply the Principle of Metabolic Trapping
Scheibelberger, L., Stankovic, T., Pühringer, M., Kählig, H., Balber, T., Patronas, E. M., Rampler, E., Mitterhauser, M., Haschemi, A. & Pallitsch, K.
Chemistry - A European Journal (2023) 29, 62, e202302277

Influence of Ba concentration on Ra and 210Pb extraction from aqueous samples using EMPORE® radium RAD disks
Wallner, G.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (2023)

  • Environmental Chemistry

Extraction of rare earth elements from aqueous solutions using the ionic liquid trihexyltetradecylphosphonium 3-hydroxy-2-naphthoate
Gradwohl, A., Windisch, J., Weissensteiner, M., Keppler, B. K., Kandioller, W. & Jirsa, F.
RSC Advances (2023) 13, 36, 24899-24908

Immobilization of Agaricus bisporus Polyphenol Oxidase 4 on mesoporous silica: Towards mimicking key enzymatic processes in peat soils
Iriarte-Mesa, C., Pretzler, M., von Baeckmann, C., Kählig, H., Krachler, R., Rompel, A. & Kleitz, F.
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (2023) 646, 413-425

  • Nucleic Acid Chemistry

In situ enzymatic template replication on DNA microarrays
Schaudy, E. & Lietard, J.
Methods (2023) 213, 33-41

Enzymatic Synthesis of High-Density RNA Microarrays
Schaudy, E., Lietard, J. & Somoza, M. M.
Current protocols (2023) 3, 2, e667

Dipodal Silanes Greatly Stabilize Glass Surface Functionalization for DNA Microarray Synthesis and High-Throughput Biological Assays
Das, A., Santhosh, S., Giridhar, M., Behr, J., Michel, T., Schaudy, E., Ibanez Redin, G. G., Lietard, J. & Somoza, M. M.
Analytical Chemistry (2023) 95, 41, 15384-15393

  • X-Ray Structure Analysis Centre

A Novel Molecular Assembly of a Cobalt-Sulfate Coordination Polymer and Melamine: A Manifestation of Magnetic Anisotropy
Virseda, I. B., Siddiqui, S. A., Prado-Roller, A., Eisterer, M. & Shiozawa, H.
ACS Omega (2023) 8, 3, 3493-3500

Solid-state 13C NMR, X-ray diffraction and structural study of methyl 4-O-methyl β-D-glucopyranosides with all eight possible methyl-substitution patterns
Yoneda, Y., Kawada, T., Bacher, M., Prado-Roller, A., Hettegger, H., Potthast, A., French, A. D. & Rosenau, T.
Cellulose (2023) 30, 13, 8075-8087

Nms-Amides: An Amine Protecting Group with Unique Stability and Selectivity
Spieß, P., Sirvent Verdú, A., Tiefenbrunner, I., Sargueil, J., Fernandes-Goodall, A. J., Arroyo-Bondía, A., Cruz Meyrelles, R. J., Just, D., Prado-Roller, A., Shaaban, S., Kaiser, D. & Maulide, N.
Chemistry - A European Journal (2023) 29, 41, e202301312

Highly chemoselective homologative assembly of the α-substituted methylsulfinamide motif from N-sulfinylamines
Malik, M., Senatore, R., Castiglione, D., Prado-Roller, A. & Pace, V.
Chemical Communications (2023) 59, 74, 11065-11068

Chirality Matters: Fine-Tuning of Novel Monoamine Reuptake Inhibitors Selectivity through Manipulation of Stereochemistry
Kalaba, P., Pacher, K., Neill, P. J., Dragacevic, V., Zehl, M., Wackerlig, J., Kirchhofer, M., Sartori, S. B., Gstach, H., Kouhnavardi, S., Fabisikova, A., Pillwein, M., Monje-Quiroga, F., Ebner, K., Prado-Roller, A., Singewald, N., Urban, E., Langer, T., Pifl, C., Lubec, J.
Biomolecules (2023)13, 9, 1415

Metamagnetism in a coordination polymer built of trimeric cobalt units and melamine
Bernabé Vírseda, I., Mantel, A., Prado-Roller, A., Eisterer, M. & Shiozawa, H.
Royal Society Open Science (2023). 10, 11, 230910