Constantin Eisen and Andreas Gradwohl recieve prizes for Master's thesis


The Austrian Chemical-Physical Society awards the "Förderpreis 2021" to two graduates from the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry


Constantin Eisen from the group of Assoc.-Prof. Michael Reithofer (Bioinorganic Chemistry) and Andreas Gradwohl from the group of Privdoz. Franz Jirsa (Environmental Chemistry) have both been awarded with the “Förderpreis 2021” of the Austrian Chemical-Physical Society for their Master projects which were conducted during the COVID-19 lockdowns. MSc. Eisen received the honors for the project titled “Synthesis of Amino Acid-Derived NHC Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles” in which he developed novel nanomaterials which can find application in catalysis and medicine. Msc Gradwohl received the awarded for his master project titled “Silver, gold, uranium and other trace elements in water & sediment in the Crocodile River System, South Africa”.

Congratulations to both! 


Constantin Eisen and Michael Reithofer

Andreas Gradwohl and Franz Jirsa