PhD Theses

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Outa, James OmondiSnail- and fish parasites and trace elements in water, sediments, macrophytes, invertebrates and fish in Lake Victoria, Kenya2020
Hölz, KathrinApproaches to the enzymatic synthesis of high-density RNA microarrays2019
Hizal, SelinNovel platinum(II) and platinum(IV) complexes2019
Pirkwieser, PhilipNovel naphthoate-based ionic liquids for heavy metal extraction2019
Ohui, Kateryna Mono-, di- and polynucleating thiosemicarbazones, amidrazones and aminoguanisones, as well as their metal complexes as potential anticancer drugs2019
Plessl, ChristofMonitoring heavy metals in biota from aquatic environments - what do birds and fish have in common?2018
Legina, MariaBiological activities of novel transition metal complexes with heterocyclic ligands2018
Kallus, SebastianDrug delivery systems for cancer therapy2018
Klose, MathiasQuantification of osmium in vitro and in vivo using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry for metallodrug discovery and development2018
Artner, ChristianDNA vs. protein – developing a competitive screening assay to characterize the molecular binding preferences of anticancer metallodrugs2017
Berasaluce, Iker    Development of novel MoIV and WIV metallodrugs2017
Hackl, CarmenLeaving group variation of "piano-stool" complexes for the development of novel organometallic anticancer drugs with targeting properties2017
Mokesch, StephanThe development of novel anticancer agents with bioactive molecules attached to organometallic fragments2017
Riedl, ChristophInvestigations on different coordination motifs for the development of novel organometallic anticancer agents2018
Höfer, DorisSynthesis, characterization, and NMR spectroscopic investigations of Cytotoxic Platinum(II) and Platinum(IV) complexes2017
Mayr, JosefMaleimide-functionalized platinum(IV) complexes as platform for tumor-targeted drug delivery2017
Pelivan, Karla    Bioanalytical investigations of thiosemicarbazone anticancer drugs2017
Sommerfeld, NadineDevelopment of Antineoplastic Platinum(II) and Platinum(IV) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterisation and their Coupling to Carrier Systems2017
Orlowska, EwelinaSynthesis, characterization and algal growth studies of iron complexes with aquatic humic acid models    2017
Schreiber-Brynzak, EkaterinaNovel in vitro models for studying aspects of the anticancer activity of metal compounds2016
Fischer, BrittaDevelopment of drug delivery systems for clinically investigated anticancer agents2016
Flocke, LeaMode of action studies on (pre)clinically developed anticancer ruthenium compounds and thiosemicarbazones2016
Göschl, SimoneComparative studies on cell biological activities of novel anti-cancer metal complexes2016   
Grabmann, Gerlinde From Simple Solutions to Complex Problems and Back: An Investigational Capillary Zone Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry Study on Anticancer Metallodrugs2016   
Karnthaler-Benbakka, ClaudiaTargeting a Targeted Drug - Tumor-Specific Prodrug Systems of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors2016   
Platzer, SonjaSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Task-Specific Ionic Liquids for Heavy Metal Extraction2016   
Hoffmeister, BjörnSynthese und Charakterisierung neuartiger symmetrischer und unsymmetrischer tumorhemmender Platin(IV)-Verbindungen2015   
Kuhn, Paul-SteffenSynthesis, spectroscopic properties and antiproliferative activity of novel ruthenium- and osmium-complexes with substituted azole ligands2015
Schmidlehner, MelanieSynthesis, characterization and anticancer activity of metal complexes with (thio)pyrone-derived ligands2015
Theiner, SarahPharmacokinetic and bioimaging studies of platinum-based anticancer complexes by ICP-MS and LA-ICP-MS2015
Babak, MariaFunctionalization of metal-based anticancer drugs in the quest for new chemotherapeutics and studies on their mode of action2014
Banfic, JelenaSynthesis and characterization of novel tumor-inhibiting platinum(IV)complexes2014
Legin, AntonElemental imaging and biological activity of tumor-inhibiting platinum compounds2014
Filak, LukasSynthesis, Spectroscopic Properties, and Antiproliferative Activity of Ruthenium and Osmium Complexes with Indolo [3,2-c]quinolone-based Ligands2013
Kurzwernhart, AndreaTumor-inhibierende Ru"(aren) Komplexe mit Flavonoid-Liganden – Auf dem Weg zu „multi-target“ Chemotherapeutika2013
Meier, SamuelNovel concepts and strategies in anticancer metallodrug development: Towards oral activity, peptide conjugation and mass spectrometric applications2013
Milunovic, MiljanTransition metal complexes with carboxylate ligands and thiosemicarbazone-proline conjugates: synthesis, charaterization and properties2013
Pichler, VerenaDevelopment of novel strategies for the synthesis of antiproliferative PtIV complexes with mixed axial ligands2013   
Primik, MichaelEffects of Metal Coordination and Peptide Conjugation on the Antiproliferative Activity of Indolo[3,2-d]benzazepines and Indolo[3,2-c]quinolines 2013 
Varbanov, HristoNovel antineoplastic platinum(IV) complexes: Synthesis, characterization, biological investigations and structure activity relationships2013
Abramkin, SergeySynthesis and Characterization of Novel Oxaliplatin Analogs2012
Büchel, Gabriel EmanuelNovel ruthenium nitrosyl complexes with azole heterocycles and osmium (IV) analogues of KP1019 as potential anticancer drugs2012
Lomako, IevgeniiaElectrochemistry and Spectroscopy of Niobium in Ionic Liquids2012
Scaffidi-Domianello, YuliaNeuartige Oximplatin(II) Komplexe: Synthese, Charakterisierung und Zytotoxizität2012
Trondl, RobertCellular Studies on Novel Critical Targets of Anti-Tumor Metal Chelators and Complexes2012
Bartel, CarolineCellular accumulation and DNA interaction studies of antitumor metal complexes2011
Bytzek, AnnaBiophysikalische Eigenschaften und Biotransformation metallbasierender Medikamente2011
Mühlgassner, GerhardBiological Effects of Ruthenium, Osmium and Copper Complexes with Tumour Inhibiting Ligands2011
Ginzinger, WernerNovel water-soluble indirubin derivatives and organometallic complexes with quinoxalinone ligands for the investigation of antiproliferative structure-activity relationships2010
Hanif, MuhammadFrom Biomolecules to Organometallic Compounds with Tumor-Inhibiting Properties2010
Kogelnig, DanielSynthesis and Evaluation of Ionic Liquids as Extracting Agents for Heavy Metals2010
Stojanovic, AnjaTask specific Ionic Liquids: Design and Modification of their Properties2010
Chiorescu, IonQuantenchemische Untersuchungen von tumorhemmenden Ruthenium (III) Komplexen2009
Kandioller, WolfgangMaltol-derived ruthenium(II)-cymene complexes with tumor inhibiting properties: The impact of ligand-metal bond stability on the anticancer activity2009
Kowol, ChristianEffect of Metal Ion Complexation on the Antiproliferative Activity of α-N-Heterocyclic Thiosemicarbazones2009
Kundu, AmitavaDevelopment and optimization of multifunctional nanoparticles for molecular imaging2009
Valiahdi, Seied MojtabaActivity and cellular effects of the investigational gallium drug KP46 in primary culture and cell lines of malignant melanoma2009
Biba, FlorianSynthese und Charakterisierung tumorhemmender Titan- und Lanthanidenkomplexe2008
Egger, AlexanderMass spectrometric investigations on cellular uptake and interaction with DNA of antitumor platinum- and ruthenium-based complexes2008
Eichinger, ReneSearch for new molecular targets and biological activity of tumor inhibiting ruthenium and gallium drugs2008
Größl, MichaelWechselwirkungen zwischen neuartigen metallbasierenden Krebsmedikamenten und Biomolekülen2008
Habala, LadislavSynthese neuer Oxaliplatinderivate2008
Heffeter, PetraMolecular Mechanisms underlying the anticancer activity of the new lanthanum compound KP7722008
Krokhin, ArtemRuthenium and osmiums complexes with azole and bispidine type ligands with potential antitumor activity2008
Reithofer, MichaelDevelopment of Novel Anticancer Platinum(IV) Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization and Cytotoxic Properties2008
Rothenburger, ClaudiaSynthese und Charakterisierung schwefelhaltiger Platin(II)-Komplexe und ihre zytotoxischen Eigenschaften2008
Berger, IsabellaTumorhemmende Zucker-Metall Komplexe: Synthese und Charakterisierung2007
Cebrian Losantos, BertaAzole-based ruthenium and osmium complexes: synthesis, structural and spectroscopic characterization, antitumor and catalytic properties2007
John, RolandRuthenium (III) Komplexe mit gemischten Akzeptor Donor Liganden: Synthese, Charakterisierung und Antitumoreigenschaften2007
Mendoza Parra-Ferri, Maria GraziaSynthesis and investigation of Multinuclear Ruthenium(II) and Osmium (II) Arene complexes based on N- substituted Pyridinone Ligands as new anticancer agents2007
Schmid, Wolfgang FrankNeue Paullon Derivate: Synthese, Komplexierungsreaktionen, Struktur, spektroskopische und Antitumor-Eigenschaften2007
Shaheen, M. AshrafMetal complexes from carbohydrates: synthesis of ligands, catalytic hydration of nitriles2007
Zorbas Seifried, StefanieDie Wechselwirkung antitumoraler Metallkomplexe mit DNA: Relevanz für die biologische Wirkung2007
Meelich, KristofSynthese und Charakterisierung tumorhemmender Platinkomplexe2006   
Berger, RolandSynthesis, characterization and cytotoxic potency of gallium - and iron complexes with a number of thiosemicarbazone ligands2005
Potzel, WalterSystematische Untersuchung der Isomerieverschiebung und Quadrupolaufspaltung der 90 keVδ-Resonanzabsorption von 99-Ru in Rutheniumverbindungen2005
Rappel, ChristinaAnalysis of Tumor inhibiting platinum(II)-complexes by capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry: Investigation of interaction with biomolecules and of structure-activity relationships2005
Schluga, PetraInvestigations on tumor inhibiting metal complexes by capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry2005
Jakupec, MichaelStructure – Activity Investigation on Tumor – Inhibiting Metal Complexes2004
Paschkunova, IrenaSynthesis and characterization of Gadolinium-lectin conjugates as selective blood-vessel contrast agents for magentic resonance imagin (MRI)2004
Reisner, ErwinAzole-Based Ruthenium Anticancer Drugs-Synthesis, Electrochemical Behaviour and Antiproliferative Activity2004
Wadsak, WolfgangEvaluierung von Flourehtylierungen mit Flour 18 zur Herstellung von Radiopharmaka2004
Dittes, UweBismutverbindungen mit biologischer Wirkung gegen Helicobacter pylori. Darstellung, Charakterisierung und Struktur von Bismut(III)- und Bismut(V)-Komplexen mit Tropolonderivaten sowie Bismut(III) -Komplexen mit Dithio-carbazonsäure- und Thiosemicarbazonderivaten2003
Eichinger, AnnaSynthese und Charakterisierung tumorhemmender Rutheniumverbindungen2003
Fath, AndreasChemie makrozyklischer Polythiaether2003
Pongratz, MartinaInvestigation on the Cellular Uptake and Mode of Action of Tumor-Inhibiting Gallium- and Ruthenium Compounds2003
Yasemi, AfshinSynthese und Charakterisierung von tumorhemmenden  Oxaliplatinanaloga2003
Hage, RonaldRuthenium and Osmium Complexes Containing Triazole Ligands.  Syntheses, Structures, Electrochemical, and Photophysical Properties2001
Hartinger, ChristianNew Ferrocene Derivates – Synthesis, Characterisation and Application2001
Küng, AngelikaInvestigations into the mode of action of tumor inhibiting platinum and ruthenium complexes2001
Seelig, MatthiasChemotherapie am Acetoxymethylmethylnitrosamin-induzierten autochthonen kolorektalen Karzinom der männlichen Sprague-Dawley Ratte2001
Slaby, SusannaSynthese und Charakterisierung tumorhemmender Platinkomplexe und Untersuchungen zum Wirkmechanismus2001
Blum, HelmutSynthese und Evaluierung von Übergangsmetallkomplexen als Oxidationskatalysatoren mittels kombinatorischer Techniken2000
Borsky, KarlSynthese, Charakterisierung und Formulierung von Bis(ß-diketonato)-Metallkomplexen für die Krebschemotherapie2000
Thiel, MarkusSynthese und Entwicklung lyphotroper Gallium(III)-Verbindungen sowie tumorhemmender Platin(IV)-Verbindungen2000
Zenker, AndreaInvestigations of the interaction of tumorinhibiting platinum(II) complexes with nucleoside monophates and oligonucleotides studied by Capillary Electrophoresis2000
Zimmermann, WolfgangSynthese und Charakterisierung von tumorhemmenden hydroxysubstituierten Platin(II)- und Platin(IV) Komplexen zur Kopplung an polymere Trägersysteme1999   
Hrnecek, ErichRadiochemische Untersuchungen zur Komplexbildung von Uran(VI) mit der Kieselsäure1997
Vliet, P. vanInteractions of Ruthenium with Purine DNA-Base Derivates1997
Vogel, GernotPolarographische Untersuchungen von Schlangengiften und aromatischen Nitroverbindungen1997
Engelmann, EberhardDie Aquotisierung von Halogeno-pentammin-Co3+- und Cr3+-Komplexen1996
Friesen, Claudia
Hartmann, AndreasPräparation ultradünner Proteinschichten mit photopolymerisierbaren nicht-amphiphilen Haar-Stab-Polymeren1996
Luther, StephanNeue Tetraazaliganden mit koordinierenden Seitenketten und ihre Übergangs­metallkomplexe1996
Marx, MatthiasBeiträge zur Strukturdiskussion von Cyclo- und Oligoarsanen. Eine Neubewertung der Salvarsanstruktur1996
Niebl, RolandRöntgenographische Untersuchungen an biologisch aktiven Metallkomplexen und an physikalisch interessanten molekularen Festkörpern1996
Öhlschläger, WolframSynthese und Charakterisierung hydrophiler Derivate des tumorhemmenden Wirkstoffes Budotitan1996
Pieper, ThomasPhosphonsäurefunktionalisierte Chinolone. Synthese und Charakterisierung von Chinolonen mit Monophosphonsäure- und Bisphosphonsäuregruppen als Thera-peutika gegen Knocheninfektionen1996
Diemer, RolfSynthese und Charakterisierung von Bismut(III)tropolonatokomplexen sowie
Bismut(III)komplexen mit Thiosemicarbazon- und Dithiocarbazonsäuremethyl-esterderivaten als Liganden und deren biologische Wirkung gegenüber
Helicobacter pylori
Ding, VolkerSynthese und Charakterisierung von tumorhemmenden Lanthanidenkomplexen1995
Kleesz, PeterSynthese und Untersuchung von Iridiumkomplexen mit Isonitrilen und Kohlenmonoxyd als Ligande1995
Kowalski, ElisabethEinfluß von hydrostatischem Hochdruck auf die Autoxidation von Linolensäure und auf Lipoxygenase- 11995
Merk, BrunoSynthese neuer phosphororganischer Verbindungen - Polarographische Untersuchung von Substituenteneinflüssen in aromatischen Systemen1995